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Virtual Office

Work from Anywhere

DYL Office View is a real-time switchboard that increases visibility on all active calls within your organization. This browser based-software works in tandem with desktop phones. Handle and direct calls with drag drop transfer to anyone, any destination, anywhere.

The DYL Virtual Office
DYL Business Text Messaging


Personalized Messaging

DYL's built-in text messaging allows you to send texts, photos, and PDFs from your desktop, using your business phone number. Personalize your messaging and save time by using templates, send to large groups of contacts and manage your MMS communications from any device and access your full message history.



Business Services

Call Monitoring

Listen in to ongoing calls so you can hold staff accountable. Learn More »

Call Barging

Hop onto an ongoing call with another team member. Learn More »

Call Whispering

Assist team members while they’re on call, without the other person on the line hearing you. Learn More »

Voicemail to Email

Configure settings to receive voicemail messages via text and/or email. Learn More »

Business SMS and MMS

Unlimited texting for communication with prospects and clients. Learn More »

Call Recording

Unlimited storage allows users to record every inbound and outbound call. Learn More »

Smart Caller ID

Tailor caller IDs to mimic local area codes of prospects being called. Learn More »

Local & Toll-Free Numbers

Local and toll-free area codes to establish local or broad presence. Learn More »

Conference Bridge

Allow up to 30 people to join virtual conferences with designated numbers. Learn More »

Web Chat Software

Instant sharing of information simplifies team collaboration. Learn More »

Voicemail Prompts

Customize hold settings with voicemail prompts, music or marketing messages. Learn More »

Call Switch

Switch between multiple active calls in the click of a button. Learn More »

Number Porting

Port company's existing numbers into DYL's all-in-one system. Learn More »


Send and receive faxes online, anywhere, any time. Learn More »

Text Messaging

Instant Text Response

Increase conversion by instantly connecting to potential customers. Read More »

Bulk Text Messaging

Personalize messaging and manage SMS communications from any device. Read More »

Schedule Text Messages

Schedule future text messages to be delivered to customers. Read More »

Automated Text Messaging

Automated responder gives contacts access to product or service information. Read More »

Group Text Messaging

Communicate with customers regardless of where they are in the process. Read More »

Text Notifications

Remind customers of appointments and updates via contact management feature. Read More »

Call Management & Routing

Virtual Receptionist

Greets callers and then immediately routes them to the department or employee requested. Learn More »

Call Scheduling

Schedule calls weeks to months before they take place Learn More »

User Extensions

Expand phone systems with an infinite number of user extensions available. Learn More »

Ring Groups

Create virtual departments to automate distribution of incoming calls, ensuring every call is picked up. Learn More »

Call Queues

Customize virtual waiting rooms so callers will hear on-hold music, company messages or marketing information. Learn More »

Do Not Disturb

Keep calls from ringing through and automatically forward them to voicemail. Learn More »

After-Hours Scheduling

Direct incoming calls to different numbers, extensions or voicemails, based on the day and time received. Learn More »

Call Forwarding

Route calls to any number to receive calls anywhere. Learn More »

Caller ID Routing

Send incoming calls to the appropriate department or employee based on the caller ID. Learn More »

Dial by Extension

Rapidly dial fellow staff members no matter where they're located. Learn More »

Find Me/Follow Me

Enable incoming calls to be received on different phones at different locations. Learn More »

In-Call Features

Drag & Drop

Drag-and-drop functionality to transfer calls between departments. Learn More »

Call Park

Ability to park calls, enabling other employees to answer when ready. Learn More »

Warm Transfer

Allow agents to speak with each other about the call before being transferred. Learn More »

Voicemail Transfer

Switch gears quickly by instantly transfer inbound calls to voicemail. Learn More »

Call Waiting

Lets customers reach agents even when they're on another call. Learn More »

Call Transfer

Send calls to any number inside or outside of the office. Learn More »

Call Tags

Assign unique identifiers to better inform team members Learn More »

5-Way Calling

Easily add up to three more people to calls in progress. Learn More »

Integrations & Devices


Specific to Allstate team members, eAgent assimilates with DYL's system to instantly populate the screen with caller informatione. Learn More »


DYL integrates with eCMS, the exclusive software for Farmers' agents, giving reps access to policyholder contact data for all inbound calls. Learn More »

Vertafore AMS360

Positioned for independent insurance agencies, AMS360 merges with DYL's platform to automatically to display contact information. Learn More »


DYL seamlessly integrates with softphones. Learn More »


Integrate with DYL's system via Grandstream IP voice system. Learn More »


Connect Yealink Enterprise HD IP phones with DYL's full suite of features. Learn More »


Cisco's IP phones perfectly merge with DYL's VoIP software. Learn More »


DYL also integrates with Polycom's VoIP phone system. Learn More »

Reports & Analytics

Call Center Dashboard

Display real-time calling statistics, broken down by result group or call result, for each campaign and each user. Learn More »

Agent Performance

DYL tools help supervisors plan, monitor & control every important company metric. Learn More »

Custom Call Tagging

Customize published numbers with specific tags to easily identify origin of incoming calls. Learn More »

Phone Number View

View and track all customers calling into specific phone numbers. Learn More »

Call Detail Records

Call records detail information on every inbound and outbound call. Learn More »

Caller Analytics

Track and manage phone leads in order to increase sales and revenue. Learn More »

DYL Advanced Workflows

I have been using DYL for nearly a year now. The system is one of the best I have ever seen. The web based tool is a breeze to use and the customer support is top notch.

- Jessie N, Insurance Agent

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