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Our business phone service saves you money, while delivering all the essentials your business needs to thrive.
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Across the World

Stay connected anywhere at anytime. From anywhere in the world, serve your clients.

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Managing Expectations

Project a professional image to clients and incoming callers.

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Keep your information private and secure. DYL’s platform ensures no one can access important info.

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The right price range for your business. Grow your business to the next level.

Our platform sets you apart from everyone else

Voip features  Fully cloud-based business phone service
Voip features  Top-rated call management & routing
Voip features  Security features with 99.9% uptime
Voip features  Dozens of industry standard integrations

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Business Phone Service that Powers 6,000+ Businesses

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Experience Your Future

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business years, it’s important to set your future up for success. That’s why our business phone service comes with reporting features to always know what’s going on in your business.

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Built for Managers, Employees, and Shareholders

The platform that keeps giving

VoIP phone service with 60+ features to improve your business. Know who’s calling, how you can serve them, and get them to the correct person quickly.

Monitor On-going Calls
Barge Into On-going Call
Whisper with Other Staff Members
Record All Calls
The Ultimate Proof of Concept

Manage the Customer Journey In One Place

Capture every move your customers make. Whether it’s texts, emails, or phone calls, we’ve got you covered. Focus on what customers do and improve their experience.

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Set up a better customer experience in minutes.

Gone are the days of customers waiting around on the phone. Instead, your reps are ready, agile, and serve customers better than they ever have before. You’ll love our conference bridge feature too.

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Why You’ll Love DYL

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Upload any Excel or CSV file to your account in less than 5 clicks with custom fields for automatic import.

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Automation at it’s Best

Scheduling things in advance saves time in productivity. DYL lets you schedule calls, texts, faxes, emails and more with a single click.

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Performance Enhancement

See how you staff are performing at anytime. See sales pipelines, marketing campaigns, or customer satisfaction.

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Easy Management

Deep-dive into your business. See individual and departmental performance at a glance. Manage new expectations moving forward.

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On the Go

Be on the go with Ring Groups. Whether you need forwarding, or a customer wants to contact specific departments, we’ve got you covered.

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All The Features You Need

Receptionists do the heavy lifting while you reap the benefits. Our software ensures more people come without the need for human intervention.

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Got questions about business phone service?

Several other business services come with DYL. These include but are not limited to:
Voip features   Local and Toll Free Numbers
Voip features   Call Switch
Voip features   Number Porting
Voip features   eFax
Voip features   Call Queues
Voip features   Do Not Disturb
If you’d like to setup a business phone service account with DYL, feel free to reach out to us via email at sales@dyl.com or by phone at (855) 357 - 9249. You can also click on “Free Demo” at the top of the page.
You do not require wi-fi to use our hardware business phones. However, we always recommend using wi-fi because you’ll be able to see incoming calls to your hardware phones via the DYL platform. You can then find more information about the person you’re trying to serve.
DYL’s in-call features include:
Voip features   Call Park
Voip features   Warm Transfer
Voip features   Call Waiting
Voip features   Call Transfer
Voip features   Call Forwarding
Voip features   Find me Follow Me
Voip features   And more
DYL has been proven to help businesses across the United States for 12 years. With over 6,000 businesses served, we average a productivity increase by 23% for businesses who opt-in to DYL’s platform.
“DYL has helped level up my business and increased customer satisfaction by 300%”
Sarah James

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