Improve Your Aim

Hit Your Targets with Powerful Automation Software

Hit Your Targets
with DYL

Hit Your
Targets with DYL

Advanced Workflows

Automate your texts, calls and email drip campaigns with your branding in advance. Customizable templates let you communicate with thousands of customers at once

Lead & Contact Management

Customize published numbers with unique tags to identify the origin of incoming calls. The call tags are stored in your DYL dashboard, so you can change or edit them as needed.

Voicemail Prompts

Create on-hold messages informing callers about your products, services, special promos, or events. Entertain them with interesting, funny or surprising related facts.


A click-to-call button on your website, online ads or email signature makes it easy for customers to inquire or purchase your product or service with just a few clicks

Win the Pitch Before It Begins

After several all-nighters and endless cups of coffee, the day had finally arrived. Pitch Day. With nearly a million dollars on the line, the team dazzled the execs with a presentation that clearly illustrated their vision. The RFP was followed to a tee, the video was polished, the timing impeccable, and the media plan carefully thought through. But one thing set their pitch apart from the competition: the data.

Win the Pitch Before It Begins
The Ultimate Proof of Concept

The Ultimate Proof of Concept

Creativity can be subjective. Numbers are not. Regardless of how wildly imaginative your concepts are, if you don't have the data to back them up, your pitch won't have a chance. With DYL's lead and contact automation software you have the power to track a campaign's performance at any stage while maintaining consistent ongoing communication with clients and media reps, all from one desktop.

Follow Through On the Pitch

A client's ad budget is directly tied to their ROI. By knowing how a previous campaign performed during its run, you're better equipped to make the necessary changes as the campaign unfolds, and instill confidence in your current clients as well as prospects. What better way to ensure a lasting, cooperative relationship between your agency, your clients and your media reps?

Follow Through On the Pitch


of marketing automation users saw their number of conversions increase.


of text messages are read within 3 minutes.

The success of our agency comes down to relationships between our entire team, the media reps and clients. Having one system to forge those relationships has proven to be the most efficient way to ensure cooperation between all parties. The ability to track a campaign's performance along the way makes everyone's life that much easier.

‐ Chandler S., NJ


of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement.


of marketers say segmenting email lists is the most effective personalization tactic.

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