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Reach more leads and close more deals

Reach more leads and close more deals with fully integrated sales lead management and tracking software from DYL. Our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services and automated dialing let each of your agents reach up to 100 leads an hour, and they can call within minutes of the lead being generated.

In fact, we'll call you. As soon as a new lead comes through your system, an agent's phone will ring and he or she simply has to press 1 to connect. Simultaneously, all the lead's information will populate on the screen.

With DYL, you can stop wasting time dialing by hand, stop checking your email again and again throughout the day, and end the hassle of tracking sales statistics in multiple tools. We take care of everything so you can stay on the phones and do what you do best: engage prospects and serve your customers.

Lead Generation Management and Tracking Software

All‐in‐one business software from DYL streamlines VoIP calling with sales lead management software, customer relationship management tools and call center infrastructure such as automated dialing and call recording in the cloud.

In addition to our popular automatic dialing capabilities and comprehensive lead generation management tools, our software includes lead nurturing options such as automated follow‐up appointments and hot lead lists. It's all seamlessly integrated in one easy‐to‐use dashboard.

We understand that it often takes multiple contact points to close deals with new leads. We make it easy to follow up with automatic call recording in the cloud, customizable or templated SMS text messages and drip email campaigns.

When you or one of your reps is on the phone with a prospect or new client, all their information will populate on the screen, including the lead source, any previous or scheduled calls, notes and contact information.

Customize DYL Lead Generation Tools for Your Business

Our cloud‐based lead nurturing and sales software is ready to use out of the box. We'll set everything up. Once you're up and running, it's easy to customize our software solutions to suit your unique business. You can set up unlimited ring groups, custom voicemail and on‐hold messages, and round robin calling, for example. You can also easily add or delete customer information fields, add billing information, and more.

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The more leads you reach and the more quickly you do it, the more deals you will close and the faster your business will grow. We would love to learn about your small business, agency or enterprise‐level contact center and answer all your questions about how our solutions can help you succeed. Send us an email, fill out the form for a free demo at the top of this page, or call our lead management specialists at 888‐310‐4474.