System Training On-Demand

Lead Management

DYL empowers your agents to work leads successfully, with efficiency, organization, and follow-through. This webinar will walk you through DYL’s lead management solutions. You will learn how to contact leads the moment they’re available, and use our follow-up tools to maximize your ROI. Admins will learn how to integrate real-time leads and distribute them to teams using an intuitive flow.

VoiP Phone Settings

In this webcast, we’ll tour the View tab: your virtual office inside DYL. The View tab is your hub for transferring calls between users and conferencing with teams. It’s also your home for retrieving voicemails, call recordings, and text messages. The second half of the webinar will show admins how to customize your phone system with call routing, voicemail greetings, and other solutions.

Campaign Dialer

This webcast will show you how to bring your contacts into DYL and dial them with high efficiency. Use Campaigns to upload your book of business, leads, or personal contacts into your account. With Campaigns, your team can dial contacts back-to-back without having to hang up the phone. Our Campaign Dialer is one of the most popular and efficient features in DYL.

Admin Settings

This webcast is for Account Owners and Admins. We’ll highlight the most important sections in the Settings area. Think of this area as the engine of your DYL account. We’ll cover how to update user settings and permissions, enable call recordings, and fine-tune your phone system. Settings will enable you to update your preferences as your business needs evolve.