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Business Communication
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Unlimited Voice Calling

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Includes integrations with several industry standard phones

Includes pre-purchased GrandStream phone usage

* Additional GrandStream phones available for purchase

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Communication Center

Business Communication

DYL Business Communication Center Brochure

This brochure provides key information about DYL Business Communication Center. Included inside are features, benefits, and frequently asked questions.
Business Communication

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The most successful brands trust DYL

All State
qq catalyst
DYL Workflows Dashboard
I had a massive problem with holding my insurance agents accountable. Everyday, I felt like pulling my hair. But with DYL, I have an overview of all their interactions with customers so I can see real money coming in. Since using DYL, I’ve increased lead acquisition by 87% and overall sales by 44%.

Pauline Cisco
MyHappy Insured Insurance
Insurance Agency Owner

Got questions about DYL’s Business Communication Center?

Several other business services come with DYL. These include but are not limited to:
Voip features   Business Phone Services
Voip features   Business Texting in MMS and SMS
Voip features   Virtual Office
Voip features   Lead and Contact Management
Voip features   Workflows
Voip features   Lead Engine
If you’d like to setup a business account with DYL, feel free to reach out to us via email at sales@dyl.com or by phone at (855) 357 - 9249. You can also click on “Free Demo” at the top of the page.
Yes, you need wi-fi in order to make calls, send texts, or email from the DYL platform. The amazing thing is that you can do any of those things from anywhere, across the world. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you could even be in Bali!
DYL’s business communication center starts at $72 per month, per user. You have access to over 80+ features that typically cost $300 or more, from other competitors.
DYL’s business texting is a replenished charge on your account of $100. Every text costs $.02 to send. So you can send 5,000 business texts per $100 charge on your account.
DYL has been proven to help businesses across the United States for 12 years. With over 6,000 businesses served, we average a productivity increase by 23% for businesses who opt-in to DYL’s platform.
Chief Operating Officer
I was making 50 calls a day and feeling like failure. But with DYL I can easily make over 400 calls a day and in 4 years I’ve grown my agency from just myself to 15 employees. I increased revenue by 235%. Thank you DYL!
Johnathan Bunch
Call Handy | Owner, CEO

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