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Best‐in‐Class Calling Software

DYL technology combines best‐in‐class calling software with customizable, easy‐to‐use lead generation tools and sales pipeline management features for businesses of all sizes. Join us as a DYL subscriber to close more deals. You will reach more leads and can carefully nurture interested prospects as they move down the funnel toward a purchase.

Sales Management Software for Employees

You can also use our seamlessly integrated technology to track your sales efforts with features such as automatic calling for lead generation and call recording in the background. Right on their individual dashboards, your reps can see who's on the phone at any time, assign new calls to specific groups or reps, and customize with drag‐and‐drop functionality.

Reporting and Sales Statistics for Managers

The best way to reach sales goals and help your team members improve is to track everything carefully and consistently. With DYL, comprehensive sales statistics and reporting happens in the background, and you can access it in just a few clicks. Your managers can easily see where leads are coming from, how often leads turn into customers, the average time between first contact and close, and which salespeople are most effective. You can also take advantage of training tools by creating libraries of call recordings and much more.

Our latest release adds features enabling managers to listen in on any call, talk to reps in whisper mode while they are on calls, and even interrupt calls to turn any conversation into a conference call. We have worked hard to become the best sales management software in the business, and we would love to show you around with a free demo.

When you work with DYL, we provide new VoIP‐enabled handsets for your entire office. If you prefer, we can also integrate your existing phones with our software solutions. You will be able to check voicemail from any phone or computer, anytime, and can listen to calls and call recordings in the cloud. You can also take advantage of small business management software so you know who's calling and from where, which of your employees is available, and each one's success.

Enterprise‐Class Calling and Tracking Capabilities

Our customers include businesses of all sizes, from small insurance agencies and tech startups all the way up to multi‐location companies and corporate calling centers. Regardless of how big your business is or the industry you're in, our tools will save you time and money while propelling you toward financial success.

Automated dialing and streamlined lead generation management are just two of the ways we help you reach more leads, faster. Your reps will be able to make up to 100 calls an hour, without having to check e‐mail or track anything in separate charts or spreadsheets. We will give them a call as soon as any new lead comes in, so they never have to hang up the phone.

Guaranteed Telemarketing Compliance

Our system also features guaranteed compliance with rules and regulations such as the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). You won't have to worry about accidentally calling wireless numbers, violating "do not call" requests or sending unwanted SMS text messages.

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DYL VoIP with omni‐channel sales management software is the phone system of the future, and you can save time and money by upgrading today. Fill out the free demo form by clicking at the top of the page and one of our friendly sales management specialists will get in touch right away. We can also be reached at 888‐310‐4474 or by email.