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Case studies for Insurance Agencies

Brian Scott used DYL to build an effortless policy generation method for easy growth. DYL enabled Brian to build upon an already working system and to make it more efficient.
Since using DYL, Brian successfully deployed a transparent and accountable team, which produced $25,000 in cost savings.

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Michael Glick used DYL to build profitable acquisitions and mergers to expand his business. He was able to create new business through lead generation and referrals, while DYL enabled his team to write more policies with minimal effort.

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David Offutt used DYL to create a building, sorting, and qualifying referral database which increased his sales ability and decreased the amount of service work performed for each account. He successfully created new business through lead generation and referrals using DYL, which has saved David more than $250,000 to date.

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Troy Greenway used DYL to integrate with internet lead companies which allowed for 25% increase in new business generation. Since using DYL, he has been able to train new staff and employ strategies for optimum growth.

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Grayson Thompson used DYL to automate successful email, phone, and text campaigns which allowed him to write more policies with less effort. With DYL, he launched effective social media campaigns and all incoming leads went directly into his highly successful marketing-sales funnel automation. Since using DYL, he increased lead acquisition by 500%!

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Looking for desk phones or VoIP?

Use our software application that includes VoIP and uses all the functionality of PBS phones. Get it on any web browser.

Top-rated desk phones with great designs and dedicated uptime of 99.9995%. Includes crystal-clear audio.


Got questions about business texting?

Several other business services come with DYL. These include but are not limited to:
Voip features   Smart Caller ID
Voip features   Local & Toll Free Numbers
Voip features   After-Hours Scheduling
Voip features   Call Detail Records
If you’d like to setup a business text account with DYL, feel free to reach out to us via email at sales@dyl.com or by phone at (855) 357 - 9249. You can also click on “Free Demo” at the top of the page.
Yes, you need wi-fi in order to send business texts from the DYL platform. The amazing thing is that you can send SMS and MMS from anywhere, across the world. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you could even be in Bali!
DYL’s business texting is a replenished charge on your account of $100. Every text costs $.02 to send. So you can send 5,000 business texts per $100 charge on your account.
DYL has been proven to help businesses across the United States for 12 years. With over 6,000 businesses served, we average a productivity increase by 23% for businesses who opt-in to DYL’s platform.
“I love DYL. It’s helped me grow my microchip business tremendously across the east coast.”
Arnold Johnson
Vice President

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