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Meet Your Goals with DYL

Meet Your Goals with DYL

Advanced Workflows

Automating texts, calls and emails with customizable templates in advance offers newcomers flexible schedules and the ability to work remotely from anywhere with a laptop.

Lead & Contact Management

Decide who to call and what to say with notes history. Group your leads into "phone books" based on specific pain points within a target market segment and assign them to niche market campaigns.

Lead Capture

Capture leads and reach out to those likely to take action. Leads who have completed an action onsite, clicked on an ad or have simply opened an email are automatically added to your call queue.

Text Notifications

Send customers policy updates and announcements tailored to a niche target's needs. Include links to a blog post to maintain brand presence and add texts, photos, and PDFs to promote engagement.

DYL Keeps You Nimble

Alex and Zoey met in high school, married after college, moved out of State to start their careers and soon after, bought a house to start a family. The key to their success was twofold: having a strong support system helped them absorb the unforeseen bumps in the road. And having an attentive agent equipped with DYL's marketing automation software, granted them the peace of mind needed to pursue their dreams with confidence.

DYL Keeps You Nimble
It Starts With Building Trust

It Starts With Building Trust

Today's customers demand personalized attention and have more choices than ever. The days of offering off-the-shelf products are ancient history. For your sales team to succeed, they need access to past conversations and a way to communicate to existing customers through survey blasts and automated email campaigns. The more they know their prospects, the easier it will be to tailor their products to their customer's needs.

Education Leads to Engagement

Keeping your clients for the long term requires ongoing communication and keeping them engaged. With DYL's marketing automation software, you can make decisions based on hard analysis and use that information to identify specific inclinations and educate prospects. This added value is more likely to build loyalty and encourage referrals.

Education Leads to Engagement


prospects buy from the first agent to contact them.


of marketers using automation software generate more leads.

Combining DYL's Campaign Analytics and Lead Capture tools has enabled our team to track our marketing costs and adapt to the needs of our clients on a more timely basis while attracting new customers more efficiently.

‐ Ray H., GA


of sales teams either currently or plan to use sales analytics technology to increase efficiency.


Personalized emails deliver 6 times higher transaction rates.

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