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Build long-lasting relationships with locals. Increase your locality factor, so the regional crowd trusts you better.
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How Local Numbers Work

Some customers give back to businesses serving their community by favoring local providers over big national corporations.

That’s great if your business is one of them, but what if your small business isn’t located in a region you could potentially serve?

That’s when you turn to local phone numbers.
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  • 1. Local Numbers Extend Your Reach

  • 2. Local Numbers Give Your Company a Local Presence

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With DYL’s Local Numbers, your company can reach out to regions outside your immediate location easily and affordably. Consumers will recognize you in community business listings, local phone books, and nearby online search results.

With a local number, prospects can inquire about your product or service without incurring long distance charges and are more likely to pick up the phone when it rings if they see a local number on the screen.
With a local number, prospects can inquire about your product or service without incurring long distance charges and are more likely to pick up the phone when it rings if they see a local number on the screen.
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Local Numbers Extend Your Reach

Growing your business requires building consumer trust.

If you’re looking to penetrate new markets, that trust begins the moment your prospect looks at their phone. If your number looks familiar, there’s a greater chance they answer. And that’s where a digital phone system shines.

With DYL’s digital phone system, you can seamlessly connect your business with an entire regional economy far from your existing location. All it takes is a phone number with a local area code and extension where you’d like to direct your calls.

Don’t lose potentially lucrative sales simply because your leads don’t pick up the phone. DYL's Local Numbers expand your market reach, while giving your company a local appearance for long-lasting relationships with locals.

Who Needs DYL’s Local Numbers? Businesses who want to build stronger relationships with customers in a specific region.
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Local Numbers Give Your Company a Local Presence

Local Numbers make your business more accessible to potential customers located long distance. Leads are more likely to pick up if they see a local number and more likely to call back knowing they won’t be charged any extra minutes or fees.

If you want to expand your presence beyond your local market, DYL’s Local Numbers are an easy, affordable way to do so. Have several locations in mind? Assign a local number with area code for each location.

Doing so also lets you test different campaigns and markets to see where you should focus your team’s expansion efforts.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Keeping Score for the Home Team

As the Sales VP for an up-and-coming small batch clothing manufacturer, Yvonne Franklin was looking for ways XStitch could expand into other regions without having to build another brick and mortar location.

Specifically, she wanted to test several markets and gauge customer feedback without increasing production costs.

Her biggest challenge was convincing local retailers that working with her team would actually cost less than signing up with a manufacturer close by, because her supply chain was more agile due to it being smaller.

So to start her outreach on the right foot, Yvonne looked to DYL’s Local Numbers, so her sales team could give the appearance of a local business when calling out to various cities across the country.

She figured that people would be more likely to answer and speak with someone who understood their specific needs as opposed to just applying cookie cutter solutions for everyone.

As it turns out, she was right.

By assigning Local Numbers, not only did her sales team improve their contact rates and reach more people, but her marketing team was able to test several campaigns by attaching local numbers to their call to actions.

To Yvonne’s delight, adding Local Numbers was just the beginning, DYL’s all-in-oneplatform helped her teams form partnerships, fulfill orders, and build long-lasting relationships with retailers and designers in areas they otherwise would not have been able to reach any other way.

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