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Instead of searching for leads, they come to you. Embed our button on your website or email so leads call you. Increase conversions by 1,000%.
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How Click to Call Works

When a potential buyer visits your website, they have questions. So it’s important your team is available to answer them.

Otherwise, the visitor could bounce and look elsewhere.

And before you know it, they’re chatting online with your competitor.
DYL Advanced Workflows
  • 1. Click to Call Makes It Easier for Customers to Connect

  • 2. Add a Click To Call Link to Your Website for Inbound Sales

  • 3. Making the Call to Fuel Sales

  • 4. Additional Features
With DYL’s Click to Call Software, a button on your website allows prospects and customers to reach out to you right away, giving your team a chance to connect before a prospect moves on.

If your business includes a call center, one of the best tools you can have is Click to Call.

Instead of having to search for leads, they come to you, making them more qualified and interested in what you sell.

Connect your team with potential buyers on one platform. Learn more about Click to Call below.
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Click to Call Makes It Easier for Customers to Connect

Picture this: a prospect interested in your product or service is on your website, but they they’re not quite sure if they want to buy.

What happens?

If there’s no easy way to get their questions answered, they leave, that’s what. Simple as that.

Bottom line is, if it’s hard for prospects to contact you, they’ll just go somewhere else.

To ensure tat doesn’t happen, use DYL’s Click to Call.

Prospects who actually want what you sell will connect to you faster, shortening the sales cycle.

Who Needs DYL’s Click to Call? Business owners who want to increase their number of incoming leads and shorten the sales cycle.

How well do you know your business?

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DYL Advanced Workflows

Add a Click To Call Link to Your Website for Inbound Sales

So, why Click To Call? Simple. It’s the best way for leads to contact you through your website and speak to a live person.

Other companies have contact forms, chatbots, “about us” pages, or their phone number.

But with DYL’s Click to Call technology, people call you directly from their device.

They don’t have to fill out a contact page, or any information they don’t want to hand over.

Studies show that people searching for a product are 10X - 20X more likely to convert to a customer than someone who is a cold lead, making Click to Call all the more necessary for bringing in more revenue.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Making the Call to Fuel Sales

Kimberly Stockton, VP of Cars a Plenty in Ohio, was excited to unveil the dealership’s new website to her sales team. All agreed, the pictures looked great, the contact info and location map was clear, and everyone looked forward to a prosperous quarter.

But there was a problem. After a few weeks, they were only averaging about two leads a day, in spite of seeing they had thousands of web visitors per month. Why was that?

The problem they discovered was that although prospects could see her inventory and make an appointment through a form, there was no quick way to reach out to her sales team.

The answer to the problem was DYL’s Click to Call technology. Adding this simple feature to their website made all the difference. In just over a week they had dozens of incoming calls. And since the calls were coming through in real time, the sales team could confirm their current inventory and avoid making false promises, thus disappointing potential customers.

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