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Streamline Your Fundraising Efforts with Powerful Automation Software

Empower Your Nonprofit with DYL

Empower Your Nonprofit with DYL

Email marketing/Workflows

Scheduling emails, texts and calls ahead of time gives you the ability to plan your campaign well in advance.

Power Dialer

Make over 100 calls per hour per rep without ever hanging up the phone. Our automated call center tools do the dialing for you.


Turn donors and volunteers into advocates for your organization by including them in virtual meetings.

Call Monitoring & Recording

Train volunteers with the ability to listen in on live calls, to ensure consistent messaging.

Why Choose DYL for Your Nonprofit Needs

Maya leads an innovative program to end hunger around the world. Waiting in line for her latte, Sophie discovers Maya's fundraising page while surfing on her phone. Hoping to offer her PR skills, she completes the volunteer form, hits 'send' and moments later, her phone rings. Within minutes, Maya's staff member has secured a prospect that could have been lost had it not been for DYL's lead and contact automation software.

Why Choose DYL for Your Nonprofit Needs
Time is of the Essence

Time is of the Essence

The sooner your team makes contact with interested donors, the more successful your campaign will be.

Fundraising is About Results

An efficiently run campaign means increased reach in the short term and a gift that keeps on giving long after the campaign ends.

Fundraising is About Results


Two out of three potential donors never receive a follow-up call, email or text message.


Did you know that text messages have a 99% open rate versus 22% with email?

With DYL's Advanced Workflows we're able to customize our outreach methods well in advance, matching it to our fundraising calendar. And I love that I can track my team's progress through the embedded Reports. Combining this with the Mass Messaging feature to keep all our volunteers updated is a huge timesaver.

‐ Shawn C., WA


The average text-to-give donation is $107


In the last year, text-to-give donations have increased by 205%

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