Analytic Call Tracking

One of the most difficult parts of a business is tracking call information. While it might seem useless at first glance, caller information can be immensely valuable. From tracking the source of the call, to tracking the caller's location, there is a lot to be gained from analytic call tracking software, like the one included in our software.

In fact, while analytic call tracking is valuable, it becomes even more so when used alongside many of the other tools and resources included in our revolutionary business phone software. Before you sign up for our software, or try a free demo, let us fill you in on the benefits of analytic call tracking and how it can help improve your business processes.

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Analytic Call Tracking Information

Our analytic call tracking feature allows you to record detailed information about each phone call you receive. This can help you determine the best way to properly allocate your internal resources. Some of the information we are able to track can be found below.

  • Caller Location: One of the most useful features of our analytic call tracking tool is the ability to track where the call was made from. This can help you determine the locations where your services are most valued, which can have a number of benefits for your company.
  • Source of the Call: You are also able to tell how the caller got your number and called you. For example, if they found your number from a call only online advertisement, our analytic call tracking feature can alert you of such.
  • Call Recording: Of course, with this tool, you are also able to record calls. This can help you if you need to go back through the call to gather information you may have previously missed.

Benefits of Analytic Call Tracking

Having the ability to track and access detailed information about calls made to your business can be quite beneficial, as you can imagine. For example, having the ability to track where a call came from can help you determine where your marketing efforts should be served. If few calls come from a given area in the country, you can then reallocate funds to an area that values your services more.

Of course, there are a number of other ways this feature can help your business grow and improve. Some of the other ways analytic call track can help your business are:

  • Call Summaries
  • Calling Number
  • Time Distribution of Incoming Calls

To truly see how much value this feature can give you business, you will need to try a free demo of our software before signing up.

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