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You can reach more leads, do it more quickly and close more deals with DYL's omni‐channel business phone and sales software. But bringing in new customers is only part of having a profitable company. Once you have converted leads into paying customers, retention is vital.

Contact Management Sales Software

When you join DYL as a subscriber, you can easily track all your customer information in one simple dashboard. You and your reps can see everything at a glance, from lead generation to sale and follow up communications. Use our contact management sales software, seamlessly integrated with a variety of software solutions for business, to improve customer service while improving team productivity.

Everything happens in the cloud, so you employees can see their personalized dashboards from anywhere. You can also download and listen to recordings of any call, see who is available to take calls at any moment, and share customer information with your team in real time.

New features available in our latest release include the ability for managers to listen to any call in progress, talk to reps during calls in whisper mode, and jump in on any call with instant conference calling functionality.

Lead Management Software Solutions

Our all‐in‐one premium package includes the best tools in the business for lead generation and call management. The minute you get a hot lead, your reps can get in touch with them by simply pressing a button. All the lead's information will be automatically populated into your custom online dashboard, so you can see how the lead was generated. You can set the system up to track any data point, such as address and phone number, demographics, insurance claims history, or even company size and revenue. Be the first in line to call, every time.

But that's only the beginning. While your reps are on the phone with new leads, they can easily set up to 7 automatic follow‐up calls in customizable callback sequences. Drag‐and‐drop functionality also makes it easy to schedule appointments, as well as send follow‐up text messages and drip emails. We make it easy to lead prospects down the sales funnel toward a purchase.

Additional features in our integrated call management software system include appointment reminder calls, team scheduling features, drag‐and‐drop functionality to create short lists of priority contacts, and dynamic folders that organize contacts simply and intuitively.

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We created an all‐in‐one software solution with one goal in mind: to help our clients grow their businesses without the hassle of interfacing with multiple business management systems. From VoIP calling services to lead generation management, sales pipeline tools and customer retention, we have you covered. Learn more by sending us an email, calling us at 888‐310‐4474 or by clicking the "Request a Demo" button at the top of this page.