Business Text Messaging

Don’t let your messages go unread

Engage your customers through text over talk. Americans send and receive 5x more SMS and MMS messages compared to calls. Business text can relay all your important information without any unnecessary time on the line. From syncing your business text account to automating group messages, DYL will power your sales through text.

Desktop Texting

No Cellphone Required

Text messages have a 99% open rate, your simple response will go a long way. Desktop texting with DYL lets you write single, bulk and group texts all with the ability to schedule and automate. Best of all, send from your computer and keep your cell to yourself!

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DYL Business Text Messaging
DYL Business Text Messaging Dashboard


Office Text History

Keep everyone accountable with DYL’s business text dashboard. It’s as simple as iMessage and saves every text sent from your office. From reviewing best-in-practice examples to assessing liability, dashboard is the ultimate tool for agent accountability.

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Share Media

Send messages, photos and PDFs

Send Alerts

Notify customers on updates or billing

Update Offerings

Relay new features and products

Respond Rapidly

Receive notifications for prompt reply

Automate Interaction

Template and sequence your messages

Access Anywhere

Read & lead from your desktop or phone

15 Text Messaging Templates to

Accelerate Your Business in Seconds

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