SMS Text Messaging Software from DYL

Today's shoppers want to find information in a variety of ways. They expect to communicate by phone, email or text message, and each lead has individual preferences.

With SMS software from DYL, you can meet those expectations client-by-client as you lead prospects down the sales funnel. You can also send mass text messages or scheduled messages to send to any list of contacts. It takes just a few clicks.

According to the latest research, integrating SMS capability with your sales process increases contact rates by 35 percent. It can increase conversion rates by more than 300 percent.

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Text Messaging Boosts Email Drip Campaigns

Many people prefer email as a way to interact with businesses, so DYL software includes great options for setting up drip campaigns as well. Our included SMS text messaging tools can enhance, but don't replace, emails and phone calls.

Benefits of Group Text Messaging Software with DYL

We include text messaging with our VoIP software for business, and we took care to make this feature easy to use. With our tools, you can:

  • Send texts right from your desktop
  • Call and text from the same number
  • Automate personalization through your dashboard
  • Get email notifications of missed text messages
  • View a history of SMS chats and see all interactions at once
  • Send messages to up to 100s of leads or clients at a time
  • See new and returned text messages via your dashboard, the chat window or email

When you integrate text messaging with tools such as email drip, call tracking, call recording and lead scoring, you can close more deals, more quickly.

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