Email Automation

If you're not taking action with your pool of prospective clients, or leads, you could be seriously losing out on an opportunity to retain leads and convert them into sales. In other words, if you don't nurture the leads you've generated through marketing tactics, those leads will quickly lose interest and look elsewhere for their needs. To avoid this and retain potential clients, email automation is crucial.

Without engagement, any leads your business has obtained will most likely lose interest, as mentioned. Of course, you can increase your chances of converting these leads when you implement the necessary software, such as Lead & Contact Management Software from DYL. Our lead management software is packed with a range of beneficial features, including email automation, or what we call Email Autoresponder. If you're not utilizing email automation within your marketing and sales strategies, take a moment to learn how it works and its importance with the experts at DYL.

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How Email Automation Works

Though it's not necessarily new, email automation as a part of email marketing proves to be quite effective for business. Aside from your average marketing emails sent out to a large list of customers and/or leads, email automation involves sending emails once triggered by a user's action, which you're in control of. You see, automated emails are timely, personalized and relevant to the user's intent, as a specific action will trigger a specific email. Say a new user signs up for an email list. This could then trigger a “welcome” email. While it sounds simple, and is simple, it's a great way to keep potential clients engaged and interested. However, without automated software, you'd be wasting time sending individual emails, which may not even be possible if your business receives a high volume of such.

Of course, the above example of email automation is quite simple, and there's plenty else you can do within automated emails. From welcoming new subscribers to following up on a customer's purchase, automated emails are quite versatile.

Email Automation: Key Uses

To give you a better idea of how email automation could improve your business processes, we've outlined a variety of ways in which you can utilize automated emails—all of which will help nurture leads and retain existing customers. Take a look below:

  • New Subscribers: The aforementioned welcome email is a great way to show customers you're responsive, automated email or not. You can provide them with helpful information to start, as well as where to contact your business should they ever need assistance.
  • Annual Notifications/Messages: Whether for a customer's birthday or a signup anniversary, sending out annual messages can show your clients you care, and prove you haven't forgotten about them. It could always pique their interest in an otherwise stagnant time.
  • Online Activity: As previously alluded to, you can set up triggers for emails anytime a user does something on your website, say, by clicking on a certain link, filling out a form, or downloading a file.
  • Surveys: Surveys are perfect for customer/client engagement. Surveys allow customers to have an opinion about your services or products, which you can then use to improve on certain areas. In short, it helps customers feel more valued.

Retain Leads and Clients with DYL

Don't miss out on potential clients and get setup with email automation today! As part of our Lead & Contact Management Software, our Email Autoresponder feature will change the way you nurture leads and retain existing clients.

If you'd like to get started with our software and beneficial features, you can give our sales team a call 855.357.9249 or email sales@dyl.com. If you have any questions or comments about our services and software, please give us a call at 888.310.4474 to get in touch with our support staff.