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You don’t need any additional hardware or numbers to send a fax. Everything’s done in the DYL platform. Find out why convenience means productivity.
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How Email Automation Works

With the amount of noise in today’s marketplace, it’s important you’re setting yourself apart from everyone else.

In marketing, you need to know the difference between being unique and part of the herd.

If you don’t, you risk putting hours and hours into a strategy that has zero pay-off.

But what no one tells you is that you can cut those hours in half while creating powerful brand messaging.

With Email Automation, you’re setting up campaigns in minutes and able to reach thousands in the DYL database with one click.
DYL Advanced Workflows
  • 1. Personalize Your Marketing to Nurture and Engage

  • 2. Improve Customer Retention and Scale Your Marketing

  • 3. The Secret to Growing Your Customer Base

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What is an email automation?

It’s an email marketing tool letting you create emails that send to the right person at the right time. Perfect for improving your sales and marketing with little time investment.

When 90% of consumers find personalized content very appealing, your content has to be personal. If you don’t, you risk someone deleting your email.

With DYL, you can choose from a variety of templates which include personal information. If you need to save a high converting email as a template, all it takes is one click.

Want to include a contact’s name? Easy. DYL fills out their information automatically.

What about their company? No problem. Our platform populates any information for each individual contact.

Why use Email Automation? It leaves a personal touch while reaching thousands of contacts within minutes.
DYL Workflows Dashboard DYL Workflows Dashboard

Personalize Your Marketing to Nurture and Engage

Why is 75% of email revenue generated from personalized campaigns?

Because people don’t want the same old emails that sound the same.

They want a personal experience that means something to them.

Whether it’s just mentioning their name, have an eye-catching subject line, or mentioning something personal they’ve said, it’s important you bring up information only you know about the person you’ve talked to.

That’s why successful sales and marketing teams are using Email Automation to get ahead.

Do you know when your lead gets into the office in the morning? Easy. You can select a template that’s worked well in the past, then add a bit about what they said in your meeting. When it comes down to sending it, you can select the next day at 8:00 AM.

Who needs DYL’s Email Marketing Automation? Business owners with sales and marketing departments who want to improve the quality of their leads and the number of generated leads.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Improve Customer Retention and Scale Your Marketing

Email Automation improves both sales conversion rates and lead generation for marketing.


When you email, DYL automatically fills in the contacts information. So when your sales team has a hot lead, you can send a follow up within seconds that’ll immediately populate that leads information.

For lead generation, your marketing team can reach people faster and stand out from competition by humanizing your brand.

On average, B2B marketers increased their sales pipeline contribution by an average of 10% when using automated email campaigns.

Be a part of companies that generate 320% more revenue with automated emails than non-automated emails.

In short, Email Automation increases revenue and improves the quality of incoming leads.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

The Secret to Growing Your Customer Base

The City Art Galleria is an art gallery showcasing new and upcoming artists in the New York City area.

With Winter right around the corner, they knew their usual ticket sales would drop off. To ensure they would get more customers, they wanted to begin marketing. But, Sarah Klevins, VP of The City Art Galleria, didn’t exactly know how to do that.

Their usual marketing strategy focused on sending one or two emails by hand. But most of the time, their campaigns had less than 1% of people buying tickets from their emails.

Sarah realized they needed to improve their numbers.

So, she researched email platforms that would personalize their campaigns and make sure it wouldn’t take so long to send out. After some research, she found DYL’s all-in-one platform.

She found out DYL came with Email Automation, which would send personalized messages to email addresses of their prospective buyers. But best of all, they could set a sequence and send to hundreds or thousands of prospects within minutes.

In combination with DYL’s phone system, her team could pick up incoming calls and answer questions to the best of their ability.

With the new emailing system setup, The City Art Galleria increased tickets sales by 43%. We recently talked with Sarah, where she said, “It seems like we’ve hit the jackpot with DYL.”

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

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