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DYL Adds Up to $uccess

Call Recording & Notes / History

Easily keep track of exchanges by reviewing records of calls made. Stock traders and brokers can instantly replay conversations to verify volume or pricing that was discussed over the phone. Our interface allows traders to instantly pull up the calls of the day, or calls within the hour.

Bulk Text Messaging

Provide proactive insight, analysis and guidance. And offer sign-up texts for early consultations. It's fast and has a 95% response rate. Upload your contact list, type your message, and schedule or send your SMS text immediately, complete with photos and PDFs.

Advanced Workflows

Customize every point of contact with a simple click. Automate your texts, calls and emails in advance. Customizable templates let you share valuable information with unique prospects and existing investors to win or maintain their trust.

Lead Capture

Social media marketing is vital to acquiring new clients and when capturing leads, it's important to reach out to those more likely to take action. Leads who have completed a form on your website or opened an email are automatically added to your call queue.

DYL Opens More Doors

Asset Management Begins with Trust

As a growing financial firm, it's vital to inspire confidence in your prospects. Whether you're catering to young tech savvy professionals, baby boomers nearing retirement, small business owners entering the world of e-commerce, or freelancers tackling the gig economy, your success is directly correlated with how well you can provide up-to-date investment advice that addresses your client's specific needs. DYL's lead and contact automation software is designed to do just that.

DYL Minimizes Your Liabilities

Customers are trusting you with their income, taxes, and investments, so accuracy is imperative. By recording important phone calls and storing your notes and history within DYL's cloud-based phone system, you ensure both parties have peace of mind as you devise customized plans to suit the individual's needs.

Answer the Call
Close More Deals

Your Bottom Line is Unlimited Growth

The formula for any financial firm is simple: combine personalized service with an effortless way to expand your network. The result is greater engagement from existing customers while appearing bigger to potential investors. The image you project to both is a currency worth its weight in gold.

Today's fickle economy requires us to provide proactive insight, analysis and guidance in such a way that our clients can make informed decisions in a timely manner. Without DYL's Bulk Text Messaging and Unlimited-Sized Phone Bank we wouldn't be growing anywhere near the rate we have.

‐ Fred G., NE


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