Smart Caller ID

Caller ID was made popular by phone companies in the 1990's, and though landlines have been mostly phased out in place of cell phones, businesses can still benefit from caller ID. In fact, some companies rely heavily on caller ID to ensure they are communicating with a customer or prospective client rather than a dead end lead.

Of course, caller ID is just one of the many features you gain access to with DYL's revolutionary software. In fact, when coupled with some of the other features, caller ID is proven to be even more beneficial than initially expected. Before you sign up for our software, or try a free demo, let us fill you in on how caller ID can help your business and share some of the other features that can be used alongside caller ID.

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Advantages of Caller ID

For homeowners, caller ID was made to help prevent telemarketers from annoying them with constant calls. Businesses, however, see many more uses from caller ID than simply avoiding certain calls. For example, businesses can use caller ID to know which client or customer is calling and how to handle the call.

Additionally, caller ID can help businesses avoid unwanted or unnecessary calls just like homeowners. Telemarketers often reach out to businesses just as much as they do homeowners, and avoiding these calls will help eliminate wasted time. Caller ID, while useful, becomes even more so when coupled with additional features included in our business phone service software.

Additional DYL Features

As mentioned before, the benefits and advantages of caller ID are only amplified in our software because of the additional tools and resources provided. Some of the most helpful of which are:

  • Call Forwarding: With call forwarding, you are able to transfer an active call to any number inside or outside your office. This can be invaluable if you need to transfer the call to another department or employee.
  • Active Call Switching: Active call switching allows you to bounce back and forth between multiple active callers. With this, you are able to handle multiple callers at one time, which can be important for departments, such as customer support, that receive a high number of calls.
  • Call Detail Records: Another helpful feature of our software is call detail records. This will store important information about each call your business makes or receives including call duration, completion status, and more.

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