Find Out Who is Calling: By Name, Region, and Phone Number

Associate phone numbers with both customer and prospects. Reduce spam calls so you don’t waste productivity.
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How Smart Caller ID Works

Caller ID was originally created to help people avoid unwanted telemarketers calling their homes. But today, businesses use Smart Caller ID to preview incoming calls and improve their customer service.

Without Caller ID, it’s impossible to know who is on the other line without asking a series of questions, like the caller’s name, account number, product they purchased, etc. This not only wastes a service rep’s time, but it can be annoying for the customer as well.
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  • 1. Avoid Unwanted Calls with Smart Caller ID

  • 2. Know How to Handle the Call with Smart Caller ID

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Smart Caller ID bypasses that stage by associating the phone number with the customer’s account profile, so when a customer calls, the service rep has all those answers right on their screen.

What about spam?

Businesses receive unwanted spam calls too. But in business, spam calls reduce productivity and waste time. They break a team’s focus, and lead to frustration.

DYL’s Smart Caller ID is designed to provide personalized service. Know who is calling right away, so your reps can greet them by name and tend to their needs faster. Save time and improve the customer experience. Your customers will love you for it.
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Avoid Unwanted Calls with Smart Caller ID

We’ve all heard the familiar adage, time is money. Well, in 2019, 40% of all calls in the U.S. were spam. And the number keeps climbing every year. Imagine how much time and frustration could have been saved. Not to mention money.

Businesses using Smart Caller ID report better results, because their teams are better equipped to avoid such unwanted calls. This leads to higher productivity and, since they have all the information they need to handle the call, better customer service.

Who Needs DYL’s Smart Caller ID Software? Sales and customer service teams who value their time and seek to improve their service by personalizing their interactions. Coupled with DYL’s Call Forwarding, Call Detail Records, and Active Call Switching, DYL has all the tools you need to succeed.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Know How to Handle the Call with Smart Caller ID

Pair Smart Caller ID with DYL’s other features to streamline your sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Here’s how:

  • Call Forwarding:

    With Call Forwarding, you can transfer an active call to any phone number inside or outside your office. This is invaluable when transferring the call to another department or employee.

  • Active Call Switching:

    Active call switching lets you to bounce back and forth between multiple active callers. Handling multiple callers at one time can be important for departments receiving a high number of calls.

  • Call Detail Records:

    Call Detail Records store important information from every incoming and outgoing call, including call duration, completion status, and more.

Combined with these features, your team’s customer interactions improve exponentially. Leap ahead of the competition and boost your customer’s experience.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Thinking Outside the Box

In an effort to expand its customer base overseas, PILO Appliances looked into various outreach methods, including lead lists, commercial property owners and wholesale business consultants.

They had the inventory they needed, but lacked the connections to buyers, so they took various steps to create awareness for their brand. The problem was that much of their marketing led to an unwelcome wave of spam calls and telemarketers.

What they needed was a business phone system that could handle their sales and service, while filtering out the distractions.

Enter DYL’s Smart Caller ID and Customer Profile. Combined with many of DYL’s other features included in their platform, PILO was able to bypass spam and telemarketers, while expanding its reach with greater efficiency.

Subsequently, they increased their customer base by 214% with no end in sight.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

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