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Keep Buyers and Sellers Happy with Powerful Automation Software

Use DYL to Build Equity with your Clients

Use DYL to Build Equity with your Clients

Sequential Dialer

Make over 100 calls per hour per agent. Make outbound calls to your expired lead list without ever hanging up the phone. Our automated call center tools do the dialing for you.

Caller ID Routing

Manage client contact simply by assigning the contact to the proper agent. Every call is then automatically forwarded, ensuring the personalized attention each client deserves.

Unlimited Call Recording & Tracking

History and Notes ensures that when a buyer or seller calls, all of their details will pop-up automatically. You won't have to put them on hold to search for their account.

Paperless Fax

Sharing documents on the go can be a great timesaver. With eFax, you can send and receive faxes online, anywhere, any time. Even from your mobile phone.

DYL Opens More Doors<

DYL Opens More Doors

When Hattie embarked on her Real Estate career four years ago, she knew the key to becoming a successful broker would be securing a steady flow of clientele. Through consistent marketing and referrals, she catapulted to the top, leading her team in closings and eventually achieving her dream. What was Hattie's secret? Making full use of the brokerage's lead and contact automation software to reach out to prospective sellers while also maintaining consistent communication with potential buyers.

Answer the Call

Today's buyers and sellers expect their agents to be available and to respond quickly through email or text. With DYL's all-in-one phone system and Business Text Messaging, agents can send custom reports of listings, complete with photos and PDFs, reminders of upcoming open houses and other valuable property information to individuals or groups all at once. Show your clients you're there for them and you'll soon see a little education will go a long way.

Answer the Call
Close More Deals

Close More Deals

Home buyers want a personal connection with their agent. Missing a mobile call could mean the difference between closing a deal on a house or potentially losing a client. With DYL's Virtual Office, you can stay in touch, help your clients make informed decisions and more importantly, adjust their expectations, no matter where you are. You know better than anyone, a happy client means referrals. More referrals means more opportunities for your team.


increase in conversion rates when using a Sequential Dialer


of sales leaders focus on increasing customer retention through deeper relationships.

Having the ability to automate the delivery of new house alerts, neighborhood reports and loan options to potential clients has made prospecting almost effortless. My clients are so appreciative of any information I can provide to help them make informed decisions along the way.

‐ Graham D., CA


of users said their CRM system gave them improved access to customer data.


Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

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