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DYL Versus 8x8

What you see is what you get

Getting caught up in the flash of a good deal on business phone service is easy to do. Once committed, you come to the realization that all the features that sold you on this service aren’t included in the economic "plan" you selected. At DYL, every feature is included. There will never be a question about what "plan" you purchases and those things included in that "plan". What you see is what you get. Plain and simple.

The DYL Difference
The DYL Difference

Our Committment to You

DYL is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive business phone system available, designed to propel your business to the next level. At DYL, we believe that every customer is a valuable part of our company and our goal is to help you feel that way. We understand that running a successful business takes hoards of time you sometimes don't have, which is why you shouldn’t have to worry about your phone service. We are committed to providing you with a powerful, successful and, most importantly, reliable phone system.

Feature to Feature Comparison

Don't Get Nickel and Dimed

You may be asking yourself how we compare to other VOIP services out there? Here is a breakdown of all of our included features and what those will cost you compared to 8x8.



Virtual Office Included $39.99/mo
Call Recording Unlimited $12.99/GB over 1GB
Toll-free Calling Minutes Unlimited 3¢/min
Paperless Fax Included $39.99/mo
Conference Bridge Included (with pro)
Virtual Extension Included $9.99/mo
Auto Attendant Included $24.99/mo
Call Queue Included (with pro)
Call Monitoring Included (with pro)
That’s how we roll. Your bill is simple, with no surprises. We just give you the best phone system, at a fair price, with no contract.
8x8 Pricing
Source: 8x8

Virtual Office With Every Account

DYL’s Office View comes standard with every phone system.

With DYL’s Listen and Whisper tools, you can monitor live calls and even talk to your employees, without the customer hearing. Or use the Barge feature to instantly hop on to a call. Easily run reports on calling activity and have them emailed to you... automatically.

8x8 charges for what DYL includes at no extra cost.

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay extra to have an effective phone system.

8x8 is just a phone system.
You can make calls but that’s it.

With DYL, you get an entire sales and service platform to grow your business.
Your DYL account includes:

  •   A telemarketing dialer for ultra-fast calling
  •   Lead management software
  •   Automated calling, email and text for new prospects
DYL Lead Manager
Text and Picture Messaging

The Power of Texting

Did you know that text messages have a 99% open rate? Now you can harness that power to connect with customers and prospects, without having to use your cell phone.

DYL lets you send and receive text messages, photos, and documents right from your desktop. Plus, our group text feature lets you contact up to 50 people at a time.

8x8 only allows SMS texting with their premium Virtual Office upgrade. And they do not have picture messaging or group texting.