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Lead Management & Tracking

Lead Scoring

Score and rate leads quickly and easily with lead-scoring functionality. Read More »

Lead Response Management

Increase close ratios with a timely and consistent response to leads. Read More »


Instantly connect with leads as soon as they enter the DYL system. Read More »

Click-to-Call Technology

Convenient click-to-call feature dials any contact in the system; no more wasting time punching in numbers. Read More »

Email-to-Lead Capture

Contacts who open emails are automatically returned to call queue for next-best lead routing. Read More »

Web-to-Lead Capture

Capture leads from your website and directly connect them to your sales team. Read More »

Document Management Software

Simplify document storage with easy cloud access. Read More »

Lead Nurturing & Follow-up

Lead Nurturing

Lead-nurturing software lets you develop relationships at every stage of the sales process. Read More »

Unreached Callback Sequence

Customize automated follow-up calls to allow more time for client-relationship building.

Follow-up Calls

Full-featured VoIP lead-management software with automatic call scheduling ensures appointments are never missed. Read More »

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders help keep everything efficient and organized. Read More »


Automated technology dials 100 calls per hour, creating continuity with older leads. Read More »

Lead Capture

Receive automatic email notifications after appointments have been set. Read More »

Lead Routing & Distribution

Lead Distribution Software

Efficiently route and distribute leads with queue-based routing. Read More »

Call Routing Service

Choose between different default routing orders and filters. Read More »

Automatic Call Distribution

Assign leads to specific individuals or teams. Read More »

Automatic Call Routing

Automatically move leads through different sales levels and teams. Read More »

Email Marketing Software

Email Drip Campaigns

Automated email drips to contacts based on triggers. Read More »

Email Automation

Set auto-response emails based on web leads or trigger Leads. Read More »

Email Marketing Templates

Send individual emails using pre-defined templates created by management. Read More »

Lead Nurturing Emails

Old leads that respond to email efforts are sent back into the queue. Read More »

Customized Email Templates

Use DYL's customizable templates to send individual emails for any campaign. Read More »

Reports & Analytics

Sales Analytics

Build and filter reports based on specified call information. Read More »

Management Reports

From acquisition to close, run reports on appointments booked and their results. Read More »

Pipeline Reports

Overview of exactly where sales are in the pipeline. Read More »

Campaign Analytics

Reports defined by each marketing campaign and specific time periods. Read More »

Create a Note

Track the history of each lead and where it is in the sales process. Read More »

Forecasting Software

Real-time view of entire team's forecast for every lead in the pipeline. Read More »

Customer Tracking

Collect and organize incoming customer information. Read More »

DYL Advanced Workflows

I have been using DYL for nearly a year now. The system is one of the best I have ever seen. The web based tool is a breeze to use and the customer support is top notch.

- Jessie N, Insurance Agent

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