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Track, score and convert leads with automation. Nurture more prospects and create better relationships with qualified leads.
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Lead management helps you gain more leads that stay with your business.

DYL Workflows Dashboard

Keep your conversations flowing

Automatically route incoming calls, evenly amongst team members. Once leads are finished in your pipeline, DYL automatically remarkets to them for more conversions.
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Use Automation to your Advantage

DYL automatically creates follow-up calls, distributes incoming leads, and lets you track the effectiveness of your sales process. Discover a brighter future.
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Follow-Up Calls
Automatically schedule future calls with hot leads without human intervention.
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Distribute Leads
Distribute leads evenly amongst sales, services, and marketing.
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Note Taking
Take notes of details and important information to close more sales.
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Tracking Customers
Track every interaction from the moment a lead fills out a form to the minute they're a customer.
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Here’s the average time our businesses save in productivity a year

Effective Email Communication for Customers, Prospects, and Leads

Automating your communication amongst different audiences increases your engagement and conversions.
sales analytics
Sales Analytics

Build our reports on sales team performance. Discover sales analytics

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Email Automation

Set auto-response emails based on web leads or trigger leads. Learn about email automation

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Email Marketing Templates

Send emails using pre-defined templates created by management. Learn about email marketing

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Lead Nurturing Emails

Send old leads back into the queue. Learn about lead nurturing

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Campaign Analytics

Discover the top methods to grow your business and gain insights. Discover campaign analytics

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Management Reports

Run reports on appointment booked and conversion rates. Discover management report

Pipeline Reports

See the lead stages for all leads in your pipeline.

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Document Management Software

Manage documents and send them to customers, prospects, or leads.

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Forecasting Software

Discover a complete lead pipeline forecast in seconds.

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“I love DYL. It’s helped me grow my microchip business tremendously across the east coast.”
Arnold Johnson
Vice President

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