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Why Contractors Choose DYL

Appointment Reminders

Never miss a call, meeting, or event again with our Lead & Contact Management tool.

Text Messaging

Send texts right from your desktop to 100s of crew, leads or clients at a time and see new and returned text messages via your dashboard.

Text Notifications

Schedule friendly reminders to your clients of upcoming meetings and field team of upcoming deliveries to the job site.

Paperless Fax

Send and receive important documents, like contracts, estimates, change orders, sketches, permits, existing condition photos, RFI's, directly to/from a mobile phone.

DYL is a General Contractor's Best Tool

When the Miller family reached out to several contractors to build their dream home, only one was equipped to respond within minutes, in spite of having several projects in the works. Having DYL's lead and contact automation software enabled the winning contractor to set up a virtual meeting, send a bid through eFax, text message updates with photos and coordinate with subs and city inspectors, all from one desktop.

Stay in Touch

Communicating regularly with your clients is vital to maintaining good rapport and more likely to lead to repeat business. E-mail keeps a paper trail which minimizes misunderstandings and manages expectations. The ability to conduct virtual meetings to provide updates keeps your clients at ease.

Repeat Business is the Key

Construction projects require ongoing coordination between owners, architect, the GC, PM's, city inspectors and Subs. The better organized you are, the smoother your current and future projects will run.


Did you know that text messages have a 99% open rate versus 22% with email?


of Contractors who outgrow their competition are using marketing automation.

Our PM's and Superintendents are in and out of the office all the time, so having DYL's Virtual Receptionist to route and record our incoming calls has improved communication immensely and helped minimize costly mistakes.

‐ Paige S., MN


Automated emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated emails.


Two out of three prospects never receive a follow-up call, email or text message.

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