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How Forecasting Software Works

To succeed in sales, planning is everything. But without immediate access to your team’s historical performance, how can you plan for your future?

Can you compare last year’s sales to this year’s and pinpoint why they differ? Are you prepared for unexpected changes that could occur in your market? Do you know how long it takes for your team to funnel a lead into a customer and how much it cost? If the answer is no to any of these, you’re putting your business at risk.
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  • 1. Cut Costs While Increasing Revenue

  • 2. Manage Your Pipeline and Forecast with Precision

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What you’re missing is a way to see every step of each customer’s journey in real time.

That’s where analytics comes in. With analytics, you have all the data you need to estimate monthly revenue, set team sales goals, and track expenses. You can even prepare for future market conditions. DYL’s Forecasting Software tracks your team’s entire sales pipeline, from cold lead to opportunity won or lost, including recorded calls, nurturing workflows and length of sales cycle.

What are the best sales forecasting tools out there for growing a business? Ones that provide you with a comprehensive look into every aspect of your sales process, so you can more accurately design your business goals and make adjustments as needed. Let’s take a look.

DYL Workflows Dashboard DYL Workflows Dashboard

Cut Costs While Increasing Revenue

If you’re not currently tracking your operation costs, you can’t accurately predict future revenue. Eventually, your costs will outweigh your income and before you know it, you’ re out of money.

Debt goes unpaid and you’re out of business.

If your business relies heavily on a sales team, knowing a customer’s journey from lead to sale is vital. And Forecasting Software lets you do just that through analytics and reports.

The more you know about how your team is performing now, the more you’ll know what the next quarter is going to look like.

Who Needs DYL’s Forecasting Software? Business owners looking to improve their sales revenue, cut operation costs, and increase profit for the long term.

DYL Advanced Workflows

Manage Your Pipeline and Forecast with Precision

Top-performing companies use data as the driving force for their infrastructure and operations. And when it comes to sales, they know that without the right sales forecasting tools, a company risks losing potential customers.

If you want to increase your profit while cutting costs, forecasting software gives you the information you need to make the right decisions.

With DYL’s Forecasting Software, you know what the next sale is going to look like and how much it’s going to cost to move forward.

Use data to increase revenue, reduce customer churn-rate, and find new opportunities to grow your brand.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Getting the Real Deal

At the beginning of the fiscal year, Mandy Brook, owner of Reseda Used Car Dealers, wanted to increase the number of customers coming into her business for less cost. But balancing her company’s finances was a problem, because she didn’t know the primary source of her clientele. And without that information, she had no way of boosting the number of shoppers looking for used cars.

What she needed was a way for her team to be more proactive in the discovery phase, so she could more accurately set benchmarks for them to target. Only then could her business operate in the green.

While researching possibilities, Mandy discovered DYL’s Forecasting Software. After a week of learning how DYL worked, she got down to business and the difference was huge.

She set up individual sales goals in the team’s sales pipeline, and soon began seeing the results in the Reports. She learned what needed improvement and determined how to incentivize each sales rep to make one more sale every two weeks.

Within two months, Mandy and her team increased customer acquisition by 24%, setting new records for revenue and cutting costs on marketing materials. Her business is now more profitable than ever and her team is happier with higher pay.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

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