Advanced Workflows

Lead Nurturing Made Easy

Build a plan to serve your most motivated prospects with our sales workflow software. Across markets, it takes four calls on average to reach a lead. Opportunities get missed, so start capturing the audience your competitors didn’t follow-up with. DYL powers you to customize every point of contact with a simple click. Automating your texts, calls and emails, while simplifying every step of the sale.


Customize Follow-ups

Our customizable workflows make sure you never miss a beat. Every template is adaptable, allowing you to communicate with unique prospects in the ways they prefer. And with simple one-click automation, you’ll keep your messages in sync over call, text and email.

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DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Workflows Dashboard


Listen and learn anytime, anywhere

Imagine if you could see it all. Every active call. Every missed or completed task. And all of it sorted and searchable. Dashboard enables that and more importantly, transparency. So manage your team and turn your mobile device into the mobile office it can be.

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Process Solutions

Prioritize Your Sales Activities

According to Forbes, the average sales rep spends less than 36% of their time on sales activities and less than 18% in CRM. This is because most sales reps do not have the luxury of prioritizing their sales activities. With DYL, you can prioritize your sales activities so that you never miss a beat. With our workflow software, you can know who to call, when to call, and build an automated plan for reaching your most important prospects.

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DYL Advanced Workflows


DYL's sales workflow software is crucial for helping your reps engage their most qualified leads. Let your sales reps be efficient with our sales process management and workflow automation solutions.

Build Timelines

Set deadlines and maintain your schedule

Utilize Workflows

Choose from pre-built workflows

Optimize Workflows

Customize each workflow to your needs

Recall Appointments

Instantly send appointment calls to your phone

View Activity

Oversee all current and future sales activity

Manage Tasks

Assign prospects to agents in real-time

DYL Advanced Workflows

I have been using DYL for nearly a year now. The system is one of the best I have ever seen. The web based tool is a breeze to use and the customer support is top notch.

- Jessie N, Insurance Agent

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