Call Detail Records

One aspect of the sales process that businesses often fall short on is tracking and monitoring leads, and the calls with such. Luckily, with call detail records, you are able to track this and much more information about lead and sales calls to help you improve and streamline your business processes.

With DYL's revolutionary software, you get access to call detail records of all your phone calls. This gives you a great deal of information to help you avoid calling a closed lead for a sales call, or track detailed information about each call. Before you try a demo of our software, let us fill you in on what our call detail records track, and how they can improve your business.

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Call Detail Records Explained

As part of DYL's software, our call detail records are able to show a lot of information about your sales or customer support call. Of the information this is able to track, the most obvious is the phone number that made the call. Additionally, our call detail records are able to track the duration of the call itself, and when it started.

Our call detail records are able to track more than this, however, including the ability to track SMS text messages. This makes our call detail record feature incredibly versatile. Some of the other data we are able to track with our call detail records are:

  • Completion Status: This will help you keep track of where the lead is in the sales process and help keep leads separated from closed sales.
  • Billing Number: Once a lead has closed, you are able to track billing information, including the credit card billing number and invoices. This will help keep track of all sales in a seamless manner.
  • 5 Each calling: Number will be assigned a unique sequence number to help you keep track of clients, calls, and sales in a more streamlined fashion.

Benefits of Call Detail Records

Obviously, call detail records are beneficial in terms of organization and keeping track of sales or customer support calls. However, with DYL's software, you gain access to a plethora of other features that, when used with our call detail records, can further improve your business processes.

For example, our software also allows you to switch back and forth between active calls. This alone can help your business, but being able to track detailed information about each call can only help to improve your sales process. Similarly, we allow you the ability to record a call and track details for this as well. This can help if you need to go back over the call and gather information you may have missed initially.

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