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How Lead Scoring Works

Prospects want to know you understand what they need, when they need it. So when a lead enters your pipeline, its vital your sales team is prepared.

The first step is to qualifying a lead is to know where the lead is in his or her buyer journey. Are they in the early stages, still identifying their needs to a problem? Or have they narrowed down some options and are now looking for the best value?

Sales teams that know where a lead is in the customer journey are better equipped to provide the lead with more accurate information to help them make a decision. Whereas sales teams that don’t, are likely to lose that lead at some point.
DYL Advanced Workflows
  • 1. Convert a Marketing Qualified Lead into a Sales Qualified Lead

  • 2. Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

  • 3. Keeping Score for the Home Team

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Scoring systems aid in determining a lead’s sales readiness by giving teams criteria to work with at each stage along the buyer’s journey. Knowing whether a quality lead is in the awareness, consideration, decision, or negotiation stage dictates how a sales rep can follow up most efficiently and provide the most value.

How do you know if a lead could benefit more from a brochure introducing a line-up of products versus a price comparison? Through lead scoring.

Improve your sales team’s close rates by helping them know what a lead is looking for, why they need it, when they plan to buy, and where they’ve looked. The more your sales team knows, the better their chances of making the sale.
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Convert a Marketing Qualified Lead into a Sales Qualified Lead

A good marketing strategy can bring leads to your sales team, but if the sales team doesn’t know what to ask, the sale is lost before it even got started.

Lead scoring gives your team the information it needs to ask the right questions during the initial call, but more importantly provides guidance with how best to follow up. Some people prefer receiving text messages, others prefer email or phone. Knowing who prefers what increases your team’s conversion rate.

Does your sales team waste time following up on bad leads? Lead scoring ranks leads from cold to hot, so your team can personally focus on those closest to making a decision while automated workflows can warm up the others until they are ready to buy.

Who Needs DYL’s Lead Scoring Software? Sales teams serious about improving their conversion rates in less time.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Consumer trust is the single biggest factor in deciding whether to buy. Trust in your product. Trust in your service. To build that trust it helps if your sales team knows what a lead needs and how best to educate them, so they can confidently make informed decisions.

With DYL’s Lead Scoring software, your staff can make the most out of every lead, by getting to know their needs and nurturing them along the way.

This in turn speeds up the sales process, saving time and effort, giving your sales team a chance to qualify even more leads throughout their day.

Show leads you care about solving their needs with a proven method top-performing companies use across all industries. Use Lead Scoring to reach out and build that everimportant trust to convert more leads into sales.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Keeping Score for the Home Team

Andi Jones, owner of Dream Home Realty, knew the difference between repeat buyers,hot prospects and cold leads, but didn’t have a simple way for her team to organize them or follow up. Every sales person had their own way of reaching out, but the results were spotty at best.

What Andi needed was a way to classify leads and customers based on a consistent criteria all her agents could understand, so they could follow up accordingly. This way her agency’s messaging could remain consistent and at the end of each quarter, the sales team could use the data to determine what worked well and what could be improved upon.

Once she found DYL’s Lead Scoring, she created eight customer profiles and stages to identify who was more likely to buy. This could then be translated to anyone on her team.

As a result, her agents could grade prospect interest and more easily move prospects through the home buying pipeline. Just a couple months after adopting DYL’s Lead Scoring, home sales increased 26%, and referrals jumped 44%.

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