Automated Text Messaging

An effective business phone system provides sales teams with the ability to communicate with their potential leads. Keeping in touch with clients increases the odds of making the sale. If your business would like to boost its sales and obtain more clients through their leads, it is incredibly beneficial to use a phone system that combines valuable sales tools.

DYL integrates lead management tools with their phone systems to give businesses better control over their sales process. Our Lead & Contact Management offers calling, texting, and emailing communication features that are combined with lead management tools. Here is a look at our text messaging services and how the additional features improve sales.

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Text Messaging Services

In the past, a business phone plan only provided businesses with the ability to make calls. We know that the modern age calls for businesses to use the most effective method of communication for each lead. Our service allows your business to communicate with leads via text message. You can even automate text messages to communicate at a later date.

Automating text messages allows you to contact clients with important information. The lead can learn more about the product or service, and your salesperson doesn't have to remember to send the text. You can have a number of text messages ready to send automatically to any lead. Beyond that, you can schedule messages and focus on the next task.

Benefits of Phone Automation

Many sales team miss out on leads simply because they don't begin communicating soon enough. Communication plays a key role in sales and it is important to provide your leads with the right information about their products and services. Your sales team can automate communication to keep them in contact with any lead.

Our system gives businesses many options to automating their lead management and communications. Leads can be automatically delivered to a salesperson or team. The person who takes the lead can then automate follow-ups, texts, and emails. Your sales team can focus on communication rather than scheduling.

Lead & Contact Management Features

Phone systems need to evolve to handle today's business environment. Your business can benefit from having a phone system that offers many different ways to communicate. Our system allows you to communicate via phone, email, or text message. But beyond that, it provides your sales team with lead management tools.

With DYL, lead management becomes an automated feature. This process can be time consuming for your sales team, but with our services, they can focus on sales. The tools provided allow you to easily nurture leads and automate communication with the lead. You can stay on their mind and improve your chances to making the sale.

Automate Sales With DYL!

If you are looking for communication solutions for your sales team, you take advantage of DYL services. Our combination of sales tools and phone systems streamlines the sales process for businesses. If you would like to request a demo of the system, be sure to contact us online by clicking here or give us a call at 855.357.9249!