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How Agent Status Works

Studies have consistently shown that in business, communication affects efficiency, which in turn impacts revenue.

Without an easy way for team members to communicate internally, accomplishing simple tasks or getting answers can be time-consuming.

DYL’s Agent Status feature solves that problem by showing who is available to take a call and who is not.
DYL Advanced Workflows
  • 1. Agents Can Manage Their Availability in the Call Queue

  • 2. Transfer Calls with Greater Efficiency

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If a teammate is in a meeting or on another call, they can simply indicate it by marking themselves as “Busy” or “Do not Disturb.”

This way a call, text or instant message won’t be missed and the sender won’t be left wondering why they haven’t heard back.
Simply put, Agent Status saves team members time and callers frustration.
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Agents Can Manage Their Availability in the Call Queue

28% of employees polled, cited poor communication as the reason for not delivering work on time. .

On average, miscommunication costs companies with 100 employees or more, a jaw dropping $420,000 per year.

That’s why top-performing companies are investing in ways for staff to keep each other informed.

Agent Status allows reps to indicate their availability, so incoming calls can be handled with greater efficiency. Teammates can quickly see who is available to take a call and act accordingly.

Combined with some of our other features, DYL’s Agent Status keeps the lines of internal communication open. Managers know how their team is performing in real time and can increase team performance with access to activity reports.

Business owners with a sales, marketing, or customer service team use Agent Status to improve internal office communication.

How well do you know your business?

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DYL Advanced Workflows

Transfer Calls with Greater Efficiency

Communication is the single biggest factor in determining a company’s success.

Whether your reps or agents are busy or available, fellow teammates and managers will know immediately with DYL’s Agent Status.

With the option of choosing “Busy” or “Do not Disturb,” a rep can quickly let others know he or she is in a meeting or on another call.

Wait time and missed calls are eliminated. Your team will operate more efficiently.

DYL’s Agent Status feature ensures your team is performing at its best.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Planning for the Future

While looking through last year’s numbers, Kayla Walker, owner of S&P Event Planning was trying to figure out how her team could increase their bookings later this Summer.

In a team meeting it was revealed that one problem they had was with internal office communication, especially with reps who worked offsite.

Oftentimes, while a sales rep was at an event location meeting with a client, it wasn’t known whether they were available to attend a meeting virtually or jump on a call. This made scheduling meetings difficult, resulting in lost opportunities.

The solution was simple: DYL’s Agent Status feature.

By adopting DYL and using its built-in Agent Status feature, Kayla’s staff could keep each other informed of their availability any time of the day.

This resulted in no missed phone calls and more streamlined communication among co-workers.

To Kayla’s surprise, this simple tool led to such a high booking rate of weddings, corporate events and fundraisers, that S&P Event Planning had its best year to date.

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