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Host large conferences with staff members or contacts. Improve communication, so everyone’s on the same page.
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How Multi-Person Conference Call Works

Traditional phones limit the number of people you can place on one call to three. That makes handling larger accounts more difficult.

But with DYL’s Multi-Person Conference Call feature, you can accommodate up to five people on one call, making it easier to speak with people in multiple offices and host larger conferences.
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To merge multiple people into a call, you simply drag-and-drop their call using DYL’s Office View interface where all calls are visible.

Customer disputes are resolved quicker when multiple parties can participate in the solution. And vital business decisions are made faster, because brainstorm sessions can take place over the phone.

In short, Multi-Person Conference Call is all about connecting more people to get things done faster.
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Host or Join Meetings with Anyone

We’ve all heard the adage, “time is money.”

Well, in today’s business environment, people want answers immediately. If they don’t get them, they look elsewhere.

With the ability to transfer and add callers to a conference call, your staff can team up to assist customers and prospects faster.

That’s what Multi-Person Conference Call is for.

Reps can connect customers with knowledgeable staff and each other for internal meetings to solve problems more efficiently.

Help your team exceed expectations and improve client relationships.

Who needs DYL’s Multi-Person Conference Call? Business owners of growing companies where team communication is number one.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Take Your Conferences Online

Multi Person Conference Call is great for businesses with remote staff.

Team meetings can be held with people in five different locations.

When someone is out of the office, simply drag-and-drop their call to let them join in a team meeting.

Prospects, customers, associates, managers, leads, anyone can join a multi-person conference call.

From sales to customer service to internal meetings, Multi-Person Conference Call makes it easier to connect with larger groups of people for better communication and quicker decision-making.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Cultivating for Prosperity

As owner of LandEscape Architects, Alexander Redford had built a firm that in just a few years was continually recognized for its innovative, yet affordable greenery solutions across the country.

As the company’s reputation grew, so too did the number of interested clients competing for his business.

Normally, such a wave of new clients would be an architect’s dream, but for Alex’s firm, its inability to accommodate impromptu meetings with so many people spread across the country, proved to be difficult.

The two main problems his teams faced were internal group communication and clientfacing group conferences. Up until this point, the company had relied on email and text for most of its communication.

If modifications weren’t made quickly, the firm could potentially lose a lot of business and worse, relevancy.

So Alex turned to DYL’s all-in-one platform. He learned that DYL offered a full suite of features designed to improve communication between teams and across clients, including Multi-person Conference Call, Conference Bridge and Internal Team Chat.

This way, his teams could communicate with each other and clients, individually or in groups and recorded calls were kept to ensure accuracy and minimize liability.

Staff and managers loved the new platform so much, they wonder how they could have managed without it.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

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