Call Transfer

For businesses that receive a large number of phone calls every day, calls will inevitably go to the wrong department or employee sometimes. Instances like this call for proper business tools, like call transfer, to ensure every call gets answered by the proper person.

Call transfer is one of the tools offered as part of DYL VoiceConnect service. With this, you are able to utilize call transfer alongside a number of other high-quality tools to help streamline your business. Of course, there are a number of different types of call transfers and each can be used in a specific circumstance.

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Types of Call Transfers

Any tool that allows you to transfer a call is a type of call transfer. One of the most common, and one of our most popular tools, is the warm transfer. This allows employees to talk to one-another before the call is transferred. This allows whoever the call is directed to, to have a clear understanding of the issue or question at hand.

Another common type of call transfer is the cold transfer. This isn't really a call transfer at all, but rather a distribution of information for the caller to call a particular number once the call is over. As you can probably tell, this is far less popular among businesses due to the potential of a lost client who does not want to make a second call.

Call Transfer from DYL

DYL offers call transfer as part of our VoiceConnect service. This allows you to use other tools, like virtual receptionist, call recording, internet fax, and many other tools, to help improve the efficiency of your business processes.

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