Call Queues

As businesses grow, sometimes they reach a point where there are too many inbound calls compared to employees able to answer them. You can't just leave these calls to go to voicemail, as this could cause a potential customer to go elsewhere. With call queues, these worries are erased as you will never miss another call.

Because of the importance of call queues, DYL offers this tool as part of our VoiceConnect service. With this, you are able to utilize a number of other tools, such as call recording or internet faxing, alongside call queues.

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How it Works

Call queues can help maximize the number of calls that can be handled by employees. These queues allow music, company messages, or marketing information to be played while they wait for an employee to answer the call. As soon as an employee is free, they can simply answer the call queue and aid the potential customer.

Not only are you able to advertise specials or share messages with customers with call queues, but they will also increase the trust your customers have in you. Call queues are a way to show your customers that you will be with them as soon as possible.

The call queues tool offered by DYL is part of our VoiceConnect service. With this, you can utilize call queues alongside all the other tools offered here. You can get all these business tools for the low price of $75 per month, when you sign up for a year, allowing you to streamline your business efficiently and cost effectively.

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