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Improve waiting times for both customers and prospects. Callers can select where their call goes to with DYL’s automated IVR system.
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How Call Queues Works

When you have a high number of incoming calls, how do you answer them?

Do you let customers go straight to voicemail? Try another department? Or wait for what seems like an eternity?

When customers wait for a minute or more, they’ll be harder to satisfy.
DYL Advanced Workflows
  • 1. Properly Route Incoming Calls

  • 2. Handle Call Overflow More Efficiently

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To avoid this problem, businesses with exceptional customer service invested in a system to let customers wait in a queue. Once in the queue, they’re given an option to route themselves to different departments through a Virtual Receptionist.

That’s where DYL’s Call Queues work best. It creates a line of incoming callers waiting to be spoken to. During this time, callers can select options to get in touch with other reps, another department, or listen to music.

Perfect for companies wanting to improve wait times and satisfy customers.
DYL Workflows Dashboard DYL Workflows Dashboard

Properly Route Incoming Calls

It’s no wonder customers become increasingly upset if they’re waiting for minutes.

To make things worse, if callers wait for 45 seconds, more than 50% abandon the call.

DYL’s Call Queue ensures your customers can choose to wait or route themselves to different departments with a Virtual Receptionist.

So when customers call your business line, they’re given several options. They choose one option and they’re immediately placed in a queue. If they’re at the front of the line, your rep connects with them and they can solve their problems within seconds.

Why is this so important?

Call queues improve wait times by 342% and it’s interactive. Meaning it’s great for businesses wanting to improve the customer experience.

How well do you know your business?

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DYL Advanced Workflows

Handle Call Overflow More Efficiently

Call Queues organize incoming calls, so reps know who they need to speak with next.

No longer do you require a receptionist to route calls.

Instead, when a customer enters your call system, they’re automatically routed to the correct department and they’re placed in a line of incoming callers.

Improving your call process has never been easier. The best part is, DYL’s system shows which customers called in first and who is waiting. Once you’re on a call with a customer, DYL’s system automatically pulls up the account associated with the customer.

The perfect solution for businesses with call centers and customer service teams.

Scroll down to see how Call Queues helped Construct the World improve their customer phone experience.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

How You Can Build a Better Future

Construct the World is a construction company working on some of the largest development sites in their area. Vice President of Customer Interactions, Dale Cheenly saw there was a big problem with their customer experience. With over 25 calls received per customer service rep, their staff were busy all the time.

As reps would get busy, some customers would wait for 2 minutes at a time before connecting with a team member.

But the larger issue was that many customers dropped calls because their phone system only allowed 2 minutes of wait time before disconnecting the call.

After spending some time on the phones, he realized many of the customers didn’t want to speak with customer service. Most of the time, they wanted to reach engineers, sales, or another department.

So he looked for a solution that would let customers connect with other departments, while creating a line of incoming customers from first to last.

The answer? DYL’s Call Queues.

Combined with Virtual Receptionist, customers could choose from a list of departments and associates they needed to speak with. Also, if customers wanted to wait for more than 2 minutes, customers could stay on the line for as long as they wanted.

Within three months, Construct the World routed customers to the correct department over 97% of the time. Since then, they’ve decreased wait times to less than 30 seconds. Customers and leads have never been happier.

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