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Quickly communicate with staff members. Share information via chat rooms and send documents to other staff.
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How Team Messaging Works

When it comes to calling customer service, one of the biggest frustrations customers report is having to explain their problem multiple times, because each time they call, they speak to a different rep.

Oftentimes, this leads to long wait times while the rep looks further into the issue, or worse, a dropped call.

Needless to say, such negative experiences can lead to loss of revenue and bad publicity.
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The solution is surprisingly simple.

Enable service reps to message one another during a call.

At DYL, we call this feature Team Messaging.

It’s a quick way for your employees to communicate and even share files with each other individually or as a group in secure chat rooms. All customer information is secure and organized.

Looking for a solution to improve customer experience? Start with DYL’s Team Messaging. It’ll improve staff communication and lead to better customer service.
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Streamline Team Communication Online

Let’s say you have a customer service rep who is not familiar with a customer’s file. How do they get answers?

Do they walk over to the desk of the person who originally made the file?

If the original rep is away, do they send an email? Call them on the phone?

Do they have a way to share files?

Without a quick way to communicate internally, you risk losing the customer for good.

DYL’s Team Messaging is a quick internal chat feature that enables team members to connect quickly and safely. And it comes with over 80 other customizable features designed to make your team more efficient and improve your customer relationships.

Help your staff communicate more effectively with DYL’s Team Messaging.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Keep Teams Working Anywhere Connected

If time is money, then having an efficient communication platform for your teams should be at the top of your list.

From information requests to sharing files, nothing beats the speed of instant messaging. And leading the way is DYL’s Team Messaging.

With Team Messaging, co-workers get answers in seconds, minimizing customer wait times and providing a superior customer experience.

Teammates can share information with their entire team through secure chat rooms, keeping everyone informed at once.

For more accurate interactions and faster customer service, learn more about DYL’s Team Messaging feature with a free demo.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

A Business Solution Tailored for Success

For Jessica Ricci, VP of Sales at Da Falls Clothiers, communication was of utmost importance. With retailers spanning the globe, one miscommunicated order or misunderstood direction could potentially cost her thousands.

If he could give his agency a larger presence, people would be more open to learning more, even if they hadn’t heard of his office before.

Up until recently, her sales teams and customer service teams had to juggle multiple apps and platforms in order to keep things organized, but as the company began to grow, they needed a more efficient solution.

With the Spring Season quickly approaching, Jessica anticipated a flurry of calls from distributors and retailers and knew that if she wanted to meet her benchmarks, providing her teams with an all-in-one communication tool was the answer.

When she learned that DYL’s Team Messaging allowed her staff to communicate and share files with each other securely from anywhere, she had all she needed.

In the end, orders were fulfilled as expected and her clients appreciated the team’s quick responses.

Now Jessica’s designs are gaining even more demand and the future looks bright.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

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