Distribute Calls to Your Teams in a Sequence or All at Once

Route customers and prospects to the correct department. All you need is one phone number for your entire staff.
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How Ring Groups Works

Nobody likes waiting on the phone.

Especially not prospects or customers.

When someone calls your business, it’s important there be someone on the other line. Because if all they get is endless ringing, they’re likely to hang up.

To avoid this problem, many companies today are looking for business phone solutions that ensure everyone who calls is greeted quickly.
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  • 1. Help Customers Who Call In Sooner

  • 2. Small Business, Large Business, Multiple Departments

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That’s where DYL’s Ring Groups comes in.

Ring Groups automatically distributes incoming calls to your sales and service teams, either in a sequence of your choice or to everyone at once, allowing the first available rep to take the call.

The result is potential buyers connect with your representatives sooner than later and customers get the attention they deserve.
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Help Customers Who Call In Sooner

Successful businesses rise out of relationships.

And when it comes to forming relationships with prospects and customers, your margin of error is slim. One missed call could mean a missed opportunity or negative customer experience.

DYL’s Ring Groups feature is designed to ensure you never miss a call by connecting buyers and customers with your most qualified reps.

Who needs Ring Groups? Business owners looking to make it easier for potential clients and customers to connect for a better phone experience.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Small Business, Large Business, Multiple Departments

Ring Groups connect every caller with someone on your team.

Staff member away from their desk or on another line?

No problem. The next available team member’s phone rings, so they can take the call.

One phone number is all you need to reach multiple representatives.

Perfect for inbound sales teams and customer support teams. And if nobody is available, DYL’s Ring Groups can be paired with our Auto Attendant feature to route the caller wherever you have designated.

Ring Groups are just one of 80 other features included in DYL’s platform.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

The Sweet Taste of Success

Looking to expand, Sarah Ang, VP of Maltichi Ice Cream, knew that if she wanted her gourmet flavors in the hands of every American, she would need to connect with representatives from larger distributors.

The problem was that oftentimes her staff found themselves playing phone tag with the reps of other distributors and over time their interest in working together faded.

So to keep the interest high, Sarah needed a way for all incoming calls to be answered, so nobody was left unattended

The solution she found was DYL’s Ring Groups.

By enabling everyone’s phone to ring simultaneously, she could be certain that whenever a call came in, one of her employees would pick up.

Combined with DYL’s Call Reports, she could see which rep spoke to whom and even listen to recorded calls for accuracy.

The minimal investment was a success. In a short amount of time, Sarahs staff was able to partner with distributors and restaurants outside her region and hopes to eventually expand into other markets.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

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