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Answer calls automatically. Virtual Receptionist allows your team to seamlessly work while all incoming callers are routed to the right people.
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How Virtual Receptionist Works

Customers and prospects call businesses for a variety of reasons: to learn more about a product from a sales rep, to attain assistance from a customer service team member, or to report a concern to a manager.

To handle such calls, companies have traditionally hired full-time receptionists. But this allows for costly mistakes.
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From misdirecting callers to incorrectly taking down messages, these errors waste 5 to 10 minutes per call.

To steer clear of this issue, high-performing businesses are implementing systems that let customers route themselves.

DYL’s Virtual Receptionist is an affordable auto-attendant answering system that greets and directs callers to the correct department or person they’re trying to reach. If no one is available, the auto-attendant simply takes a message via voicemail.

Start saving thousands of dollars in wasted time. Learn more about the virtues of DYL’s Virtual Receptionist below.
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Answer the Call with an Auto-Attendant

Typically, when a business phone rings, there’s an opportunity on the other side. Which means the more your phone rings, the more potential for growth.

DYL’s Virtual Receptionist ensures every time a call comes in, the prospect or customer is directed to the correct department. Instead of relying on human error, the power of automation lets the caller choose where to go.

If you’re looking to improve your business communication and save money, choose an auto-attendant over a live receptionist. You’ll minimize mistakes and save callers time. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Who needs Virtual Receptionist? Business owners who want to improve the customer’s experience.
DYL Advanced Workflows

The Most Professional Answering Service for Small Business

Mistakes, whether large or small cost businesses money. And when you run a small business, mistakes are not a luxury you can afford.

Live receptionists, whether in-office or working remote aren’t perfect. Even with training in place, they can have missteps. From noting messages inaccurately to miscalculated transfers, small lapses can cost callers time and companies money.

The good news is that with automated answering services, you have a professional virtual receptionist to direct callers to the right staff member every time.

Make a good impression with unique greetings for a better customer experience.

Save money on salaries, training, and hardware for live receptionists.

Virtual Receptionists improve efficiency and give your small business a more professional appearance.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Lights, Camera, Automation

Like any burgeoning company, Ever Port Media began experiencing growing pains as its online popularity grew.

Its latest episodic series had gone viral and potential clients across the nation were looking to hire Ever Port for upcoming projects.

The problem was this little media studio located in the middle of North America wasn’t equipped to handle such a high volume of incoming calls.

For starters, they only had one receptionist (who doubled as a media assistant) to manage calls and messages for its main office and remote staff scattered across the country.

As a result, callers were being transferred to the wrong people and messages were missed.

President Taylor Redbar immediately sought to address the issue by looking for an automated system that enabled customers to route themselves to the correct associate or department as needed. The answer was DYL’s Virtual Receptionist.

Combined with DYL’s Toll-free numbers, callers could call in without paying a dime. As an additional benefit, Ever Port would have a larger, national presence, paving the road to more trusting customer relationships.

The decision to switch paid off. Their media assistant could devote himself full time to his primary duties and the new. more efficient platform led to an abundance of new business.

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