Redirect Calls to Another Phone Number of Your Choice

Whether you’re down the street or on vacation, call forwarding ensures your calls go to the designated number. Improve your phone system so you never miss another call.
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How Call Forwarding Works

When your employees are out of office, or on a business trip, they need to receive calls.

A hot lead could call your business expecting to talk with a sales rep they’ve talked to before. But if they’re out of office, you could lose a new customer.

To make sure this never happens, high-performing companies are using a system that has call forwarding.
DYL Advanced Workflows
  • 1. Forward Calls to Another Number

  • 2. Never Miss Another Call

  • 3. Be the Skate King in Your Area

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DYL’s Call Forwarding Service automatically redirects all incoming calls to another phone number of your choosing. So when you need to be away from your desk, out of office, or on a long distance business trip, you’ll make sure no calls go to voicemail.

Great for employers who require employees to be on the road or out of office.
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Forward Calls to Another Number

If you have too many business numbers or lines in different area codes, it will confuse customers.

That’s why businesses forward theses numbers to a primary business line.

That’s why your team needs the resources to make the next sale.

DYL’s Call Forwarding empowers your customers to reach one business number. From there, DYL’s Virtual Receptionist lets incoming callers route themselves to the correct department or associate.

Even if your staff are working in another country, they can receive calls in the same way as your in-office employees.

Perfect for businesses wanting to improve customer experience over the phone. No more busy calls for customers.

Who needs Call Forwarding? Business owners who want to reduce the number of business lines customers have to call and make their customer service better.

How well do you know your business?

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DYL Advanced Workflows

Never Miss Another Call

Want to merge your business lines?

Easy. DYL lets you forward all your lines to one main line. Instead of having ten different business lines on your website, you only need one.

Missing too many calls? No problem. Call Forwarding improves your customer experience by 25% and it takes minutes to setup.

Perfect for businesses who want to improve their phone system.

Scroll down to see how Call Forwarding feature helped The Poor Boy’s Skates improve customer experience over the phone and gain $130k+ in revenue a year.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Be the Skate King in Your Area

The Poor Boy’s Skates is a skating company that has been serving local customers for over 20 years. During one of their weekly meetings, one of their associates mentioned how they have so many business lines and it confuses their customers. With over 13 business lines that customers could call, they realized it would make it easier for both their team and customers if they merged.

After some more researched, they realized how fast they needed the change. Why?

Customers would call one number, but they would often get in touch with the incorrect department. So they would give their customers another line to call, but they wouldn’t hear back.

CEO Archie Smith saw this as a balloon waiting to burst.

After realizing that many of his customers didn’t call back, he estimated they lost $130k+ a year in sales.

So he looked for a solution. He needed a platform that would let him forward all the calls to a central line, and it would let customers route themselves to the correct department.

The answer? DYL’s Call Forwarding.

Combined with Virtual Receptionist, customers could route themselves to the associates they needed to talk with. When paired with the DYL platform, Archie’s team could work on the road and receive incoming calls. When they needed to be in Japan for a business deal, they could also serve customers from abroad.

Within three months, The Poor Boy’s Skates saw a jump in positive reviews by 42%. Their sales jumped 13% and they’ve hired several more associates.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

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