Automatic Call Distribution

Businesses can save a lot of time with a proper phone system in place. If your company relies on leads to generate more revenue, a phone system is an effective tool to distribute calls and leads to your sales team. With automatic call distribution, your sales team can focus on calls rather than spending time managing leads.

DYL provides phone systems that integrate a number of sales tools that give your team a big advantage. Automatic Call Distribution is a feature included in our Lead & Contact Management Software. Before you contact us to request a demo, allow us to share more about the benefits of automatic call distribution and features included in Lead & Contact Management.

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Benefits of Automated Phone Systems

Sales teams that have to manage their own leads often spend a lot of time getting organized. Meanwhile, they could be making calls to leads and communicating with any potential clients. An automated phone system will automatically deliver leads to your sales teams. This will save on the time needed to sort through leads.

Businesses have many options for assigning leads. Leads can be assigned to individuals or teams. If you have a team that focuses on selling one product, they can receive all the leads that are specific to that product. On top of that, individuals that focus on certain products and services can also receive all corresponding leads.

Call Routing

Call routing is an effective tool that directs calls in certain ways. Your business has the ability to establish the rules to routing calls to your team. Your sales team no longer has to shuffle through their leads and make the decisions on which lead to call. The entire process is handled by the software.

With automatic call distribution, your sales team is automatically fed leads to call. There are many different ways to direct calls to your sales team. The most common is queue-based routing that delivers leads in a first-in, first-out basis. Every sales team has unique needs, the system can deliver calls based on the product, service, and sales team.

Lead & Contact Management Features

Automatic Call Distribution is just one feature included in our Lead & Contact Management plan. This service combines lead management and lead nurturing to give your sales team better tools to make more sales. We understand the importance of keeping in contact with your potential clients, that's why our tools automate follow-ups and provide appointment reminders.

On top of these features, your sales team can communicate using text messaging and email. Texts and emails can be automated to keep your business on the lead's mind. Keeping in touch is key to establishing a long-lasting relationship with your lead. You are sure to see results and can track your products with the built-in reports and analytics.

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If your business needs a tool to automate the sales process, DYL has the perfect plans for you. Our Lead & Contact Management service delivers a phone system that is integrated with key sales tools. If you'd like to request a demo of our tools, please contact us by clicking here, or give us a call at 855.357.9249 to get started today!