Find Me and Follow Me

With traditional phones, your business phone tied you to your desk. Businesses need better solutions to handle the typical workplace in today's age. With all the mobility granted to us through smartphones, tablets, and laptops, you need a business line that follows you around. With the Find Me and Follow Me feature, you can take your work phone with you, wherever you are.

DYL understands that businesses need phone systems that are better integrated with the workplaces of today. We provide a wide range of communication features and integrate sales automation tools to improve the ways businesses are communicating with their customers. Here is a look at the Find Me and Follow Me feature and the benefits.

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Receive Inbound Calls Anywhere

Many positions in today's workforce require a lot of travel. Whether it's heading to a client's location, visiting another office, or just working from home, you need to be a phone call away. When you are away from your phone at your desk, the Find Me and Follow Me tool allows you to forward your calls to other devices.

You can forward calls from your desk phone to a cell phone, home phone, or even vacation homes. Your business card doesn't need to have 4 different numbers in case they can't reach you. You simply need one, and the call will search for you on numbers that you forward to. If somebody is trying to get a hold of you, they'll be able to call one number and find you.

Extend Your Office With DYL

If you need a more reliable phone solution to keep in contact, DYL has the best features included in our phone plans. Your business can utilize these features to stay connected with customers and ensure an increase in sales. If you'd like to request a demo, you can contact us here or give us a call at 855-357-9249!