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Whether you’re on the go or in another country, DYL ensures you receive incoming calls. Get the freedom you’ve always wanted.
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How Find Me Follow Me Works

Say you’re overseas on a trip and you want to keep in touch with your clients or team. There are lots of ways to do that. You could open an international phone line or use email. Problem is, it’s expensive and takes a while to set up or hear back.

But with Find Me Follow Me you can talk to your team anytime, from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a device.
DYL Advanced Workflows
  • 1. Stay Connected with Customers Anywhere

  • 2. Forward Business Calls to Maintain Mobility

  • 3. Taking the Route to Success

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Is your sales team hitting its goals? Find out with one click. Know exactly how your team is performing and reach out immediately.

Need to show your high revenue clients you’re there for them? DYL’s Find Me Follow Me feature automatically routes their calls to any device of your choosing, regardless of where you are.

Just indicate whose calls go where and you’re done.
DYL Workflows Dashboard DYL Workflows Dashboard

Stay Connected with Customers Anywhere

You never know when a high-profile customer or prospect decides to reach out. So imagine if your sales reps are away at a conference, or you’re on a plane 30,000 feet in the sky when they do. How would they reach you?

They can’t. Unless they have your direct line, opportunities will go missed. Because in most cases, they won’t have your direct line.

But with Find Me Follow Me, you can be on the go - in another country, another state, or down the street. And if someone important calls the office, their call can instantly route to wherever you are. Hot leads will be one step closer to becoming a customer and important clients will get the service they’ve come to expect.

Who Needs DYL’s Find Me Follow Me? Business owners who value their clients and would like the ability to control how incoming calls are routed to individual lines.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Forward Business Calls to Maintain Mobility

It’s interesting to note that even with thousands of B2B business tools in the marketplace, the most important part of any business is still people.

Not just your clients, but your employees too.

Today more than ever, people are on the move. Smaller business must maintain mobility in order to stay competitive. And sometimes that means hiring remote workers.

Without knowledgeable people available to speak with your potential clients, you’d never make a sale.

But with DYL’s Find Me Follow Me, you know your team is there for your customers or prospects, regardless of where they are.

If you want to increase your profit and keep your customers satisfied, make your team available.

Add Find Me Follow Me to your business phone service.

It’s already included in DYL’s all-in-one platform and can be set up in minutes.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Taking the Route to Success

Every two weeks Ronald Brown, President of VCC Electric, travels from his home office to the neighboring plant 250 miles away. Often he’d miss calls from his VPs or even worse, high profile clients, because he was on the road. He considered an international phone line, but with operations expanding to other faraway locations, and the need to simplify his communications, that didn’t quite suit his needs. So he looked for a long term solution that could easily route specific calls coming into the office, over to him or his team while our of the office.

Ron found his answer: DYL’s Find Me Follow Me. It was the perfect business phone solution for his VP’s, enabling them to receive office calls while out of the office.

The ability to route calls to the right person was exactly what he needed. It took less than an hour to set up and VCC was able to scale it across the entire company. Since adding DYL, team productivity has jumped 17%, while cutting communication costs 12%.

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