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How Lead Capture Works

Whether you sell products or provide services, acquiring and keeping leads is essential, but managing them can quickly become difficult. Do you have a system that instantly notifies your team when a prospect calls or emails for more information?

If not, potential leads could be lost, limiting your revenue.

Today, nearly all consumers perform online searches before buying a product or service.

If a visitor completes a webform on your website, how long before your sales team is aware of it? If it’s more than a couple minutes, you could lose a sale to a competitor.
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  • 1. Automatically Capture Every Lead to Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

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Here’s how Lead Capture works. When a prospect opens a promotional email, the Email-to-Lead Capture feature automatically adds the lead to your sales teams’ call queue, so they can follow up right away.

If the person submits a webform, Web-to-Lead Capture adds the lead to the call queue.

Either way, you’re covered.

When it comes to capturing leads, nothing is better than Lead Capture software. Increase your lead generation by replying to people who want to buy your service and become your customer. It’s the most efficient way to boost revenue.
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Automatically Capture Every Lead to Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

Without a lead capture system in place, your sales team can miss valuable opportunities and waste a ton of time.

For starters, prospecting becomes a guessing game. Rather than following up with people who’ve already expressed interest in your product, they’re chasing after cold leads who may have never heard of you.

Lead Capture flips the script by prioritizing leads based on level of interest. This reduces the cost of acquiring new customers by at least half.

Buying lead lists can cost thousands of dollars and are often not very reliable. The cost to your company includes the initial investment, plus the time spent pursuing those leads. Multiply that by the number of sales people on your team and it’s easy to see how much can be saved if your customers were coming to you.

That’s what lead capture does - potential buyers come to you and your teams are notified immediately.

Who Needs DYL’s Lead Capture system? Business owners who need a fast way to follow up with prospects before they look elsewhere for a similar solution.

DYL Advanced Workflows

Supercharge Your Lead Generation Efforts

Information is so easily accessible these days, that most people conduct their own searches online before buying anything. The larger the purchase, the more extensive the search.

To stand out, most websites have a contact form a prospect can fill out for more information.

If two or more companies sell a similar product or offer a similar service, which company do you think will likely get the sale?

The first one to reach out, that’s who.

With DYL’s Lead Capture system, you’ll know right away when a prospect has expressed interest, who they are, and what they’re looking for. So when your sales team reaches out by phone, text or email, they’re equipped with all they need to know to begin asking the right questions.

Surprise your prospects with a prompt response and make a great impression. Lead Capture is designed to convert customers into prospects right from the start.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Electrifying Success

Located in bike-friendly Seattle, Ken Jacklin knew there’d be a market for e-bikes. So he opened KJ's Electric Bike Shop. With his new website up and running, he figured the customers would start rolling in on day one. But they didn’t. In spite of having hundreds of online visitors a week, people weren’t calling the store. The problem was he only had one contact page with an address and phone number.

So he explored his competitor’s websites and noticed they had multiple webforms throughout their websites letting people submit their inquiry without the need to call or visit.

With a bit of research, he found DYL’s Lead Capture technology. Encouraged by the idea of reaching out to prospects immediately, he added web forms to every page of his website.

The results were impressive. In one week Ken’s team was notified of twenty two inquiries via the website, many of which led to purchases and rentals. Since then his customer numbers have increased 392% and he’s now looking to expand into Portland, Oregon.

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