Lead Capture: Automatic Lead Routing

No matter the type of business, leads are essential in any industry. Whether you sell products or provide services, acquiring and retaining leads is essential, but managing them can quickly become difficult. If your business receives a high volume of calls and emails, you could certainly benefit from utilizing an all-in-one system to better track your leads and, therefore, improve business processes. With Lead & Contact Management from DYL, you'll have access to our Email-to-Lead Capture feature and much more.

Here at DYL, we create streamlined software to better your business—it's that simple. Our lead management software and the email capture feature could be crucial to your business, and by signing up, you can improve the way you contact and manage leads with ease. To learn more about our revolutionary software and the lead capture feature, keep reading below!

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When Lead Capture is Key

When capturing leads, it's always important to reach out to those more likely to take action, or the next-best leads. These could be leads or users who have completed an action on site or have simply opened an email—which is how our software works. Anytime a contact opens an email, the lead is automatically added to the call queue.

Capturing leads like these is often key, as the next-best leads are typically the most feasible. Opening an email shows interest, and if you can rely on a software to automatically add leads to the call queue, half your work is done! The next step is retaining the lead and converting it into a sale.

Email-to-Lead Capture from DYL

As previously mentioned, the Email-to-Lead Capture feature from DYL routes next-best leads straight to the call queue, saving your business time and improving the process in which leads are contacted. You can then use this tool alongside a number of our features, such as Lead Nurturing or Sales Analytics. In doing so, you can streamline internal processes and ultimately gain more leads and, in turn, acquire more sales.

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