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How Follow-up Calls Work

60% of customers say “no” four times before saying yes. But, studies show most sales reps give up after the fourth call.

So what does this mean?

Put simply, if they don’t follow up, they lose sales.

But when a sales rep is calling dozens of people every day, tracking each lead can be difficult. Contact information is misplaced, manually dialing every number can be tiring, and when leads can’t be reached, sales reps feel like they’re wasting their time.
DYL Advanced Workflows
  • 1. The Perfect Follow-Up Call Starts With a Sales Strategy

  • 2. Prioritize Your Leads and Follow Up with Ease

  • 3. Overcoming Obstacles to Keep Moving

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It’s no wonder sales reps report “prospecting” as being the toughest part of their job.

But today’s tech makes it easier to reach, schedule, and sell to prospective customers.

Industry leaders have discovered the power of Follow-up Call software.
By adding this tool, sales teams can schedule future follow-up sales calls immediately after speaking with a lead. They won’t need to remember when they scheduled the call either, because their phone will automatically call them on the date and time set. And when they’re ready, the sales rep clicks a button on their screen and the power dialer dials the number for them.
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The Perfect Follow-Up Call Starts With a Sales Strategy

Studies show 20-30% of sales are lost because of little to no follow-up after a missed call.

How many times should you follow up? What’s your reason for calling? What value are you bringing to the call? What is your call to action?

These are just some of the questions you should have answered, and they all depend on who you’re trying to reach and the industry you serve.

But with most leads, following up by phone at least five times is common. And oftentimes, sprinkling email and text to your follow-up strategy results in greater success.

In fact, sales reps with a follow-up strategy close 50% more sales than their counterparts.

Whether your teams interact with existing customers, prospects, or cold leads, follow- up is key to customer retention and acquisition. The more you touch base, the more you understand their needs and are better equipped to address and provide a solution for their pain points.

Who benefits from DYL’s Follow-up Call feature? Businesses looking to close more deals by providing an easier way for their sales, marketing, or customer service teams to connect with leads, prospects and customers, so they can build long lasting relationships.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Prioritize Your Leads and Follow Up with Ease

According to a recent study, 80% of sales require five follow-up calls.

Yet an astounding 44% of sales reps give up after just one follow-up.


Largely, because most sales teams are not equipped with the tools needed to prioritize their leads and make dialing out easier.

With DYL’s Follow-up Call feature a future call can be scheduled moments after hanging up the phone. No need to mark it on your calendar or maintain a file. Instead, everything is automatically scheduled, stored and tracked for easy follow-up.

Placing a lead into your sales pipeline has never been easier.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Overcoming Obstacles to Keep Moving

Harold Arnold, VP of GPM’s Sealed Wheels had spent several years supplying clinics across the country with its state-of-the-art mobility scooters. The problem was, in spite of being more affordable, interest in the company’s wheelchair inventory had plateaued. So he thought it might be a good idea to expand into international markets.

Upon investigation, he learned that indeed there had been some interest in his company’s products from overseas, but since his sales team didn’t follow up on 63% of their calls, sales remained flat.

When asked why their follow-up rate was so low, they informed him that most of the time there was no answer and eventually they’d either give up or decide to try again sometime in the future. But by then, they simply misplaced the contact’s information and forgot about it.

The solution was simple: DYL’s Follow-up Call software. Included with DYL’s other 80 business tools, this was just what his team needed to schedule calls, emails, texts, and send e-faxes at the client’s convenience, regardless of where they were.

The Power Dialer and Workflows alone saved his sales team two hours each day, boosting their productivity and morale. Follow-up calls increased to 97%, leading to a 32% jump in client acquisition.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

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