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How Document Management Software Works

A businesses’ success is greatly determined by how well organized it is.

Without an efficient way to track notes, receipts, conversations and campaigns, tasks can pile up and paperwork can get lost.

In fact, studies show that a lack of organization can cost upwards of $1000 per employee per year.
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  • 1. Manage Documents for Accessibility and Collaboration

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This is why the top-growth companies have turned to cloud-based solutions like Document Management Software. Users assigned permission can edit, organize, and access business files through tags or searches by name, making collaboration much easier and accessing items when out of the office simpler.

Rather than shuffling through endless mounds of paperwork or juggling folders, everything you need can be accessed with just a few clicks.

Imagine you’re on a call with a client, and they refer to a document you sent them a weeks ago? Do you have instant access to it? Or do you need to put them on hold while you go search for it in a filing cabinet?

With DYL, you can pull up the documents onto your screen in seconds.

Help your teams sort and find documents in real time. Keeping the organized saves them time and puts more money in your pocket.
DYL Workflows Dashboard DYL Workflows Dashboard

Manage Documents for Accessibility and Collaboration

For many businesses, looking for business documents looks something like this: first, the rep puts the customer on hold and proceeds to sort through paper files on her desk. If they’re not there, she calls a coworker to see if he’s seen the document. He suggests she check in a file cabinet in another room. She rummages through several manila folders and maybe she finds the document, maybe she doesn’t.

More recent filing systems are just the computer equivalent - dozens of folders saved onto the rep’s desktop or folders buried inside other folders hidden somewhere inside the computer.

The problem with either scenario is they waste time and frustrate the customer and employee.

With DYL’s Document Management Software your staff has all the files they need at their fingertips. Connecting with clients is faster and customer service is superior.

Who needs DYL’s Document Management Software? Businesses that understand the importance of staying organized to provide better service.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Safely Store Content Critical to Your Business

In a recent survey, office administrators voted paperwork as the biggest burden for businesses. Why? Paper files and folders get lost, are misplaced, or take a long time to find.

Storing these items on one's computer are no different and have the added problem of not being able to easily share with coworkers.

But with the right tools, all these problems vanish.

Businesses in the know use DYL’s Document Management Software. With just a few clicks, files and customer information can be easily and safely stored for later access. Coordinating with fellow team members makes sharing client interactions and documents stored in the cloud with fellow team members is a breeze.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

What to Do When Time is Money

Jeffrey Bennett, VP of Briton's Independent Bank in Maine, was looking for ways to cut costs to increase his revenue. So he hired a business consultant.

The consultant discovered that the bank’s employees were relying on hard copies stored in file cabinets and folders arranged on their desktop computers to manage their business files. And it turned out that hours were lost each day to locating misplaced files and duplicating others unnecessarily. According to calculations, this one issue was costing over $300,000 in lost time per year.

Jeffrey never would have imagined that lost productivity could be so costly. To remedy the situation, he immediately searched for a more feasible solution. Ideally, what they needed was a way to store customer information and business files, with the ability for any of their agents to call up the documents while on the phone, or when meeting with a client.

The answer? DYL’s Document Management Software. With DYL, his representatives could store document files, instantly see a contact’s profile, complete with notes, messages, and even listen to past phone calls.

They no longer had to worry about misplacing hard copies or having to ask a colleague in another branch for a customer’s contact sheet.

And when paired with DYL’s automated workflows, they could pre-schedule communications to their customers via text, email or phone for superior service.

Since adopting DYL, Jeffrey’s team increased their revenue and saw a 65% spike in productivity. Expansion is underway.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

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