Lead Nurturing Emails

Email marketing makes it easy for your business to keep its products and services on a client's mind. Mailing lists allow you to reach a large number of people effortlessly. Whether it's new leads that have requested information, or current customers, you can take advantage of lead nurturing emails.

DYL is focused on providing businesses with an all-in-one phone solution that combines powerful sales tools. Lead & Contact Management provides businesses with a number of great features such as lead management, lead distribution, texting, and email. Here is a look at how lead nurturing emails improve your sales as well as other features included in Lead & Contact Management.

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The Benefits of Nurture Campaigns

Your business can use email to nurture leads. Leads that are entered into your email campaign will automatically receive emails updating them about the products and services you provide. Leads can enter your mailing list through your site, or after they have become a client. Businesses can use these emails to sell and up-sell.

The best part of these campaigns is that they are automated. Leads can simply be entered into a campaign for any product or service and receive information. Each email can give the lead the opportunity to contact a sales representative and purchase the product or service. Most importantly, you are on the customer's mind and keep your business relevant.

Building Your Email Campaigns

We provide a number of templates that can be used to build your email campaigns. These templates will give your email an excellent look. The campaign can also be automated to send at certain times. Your business can provide the best information to keep your leads interested in the products you have available.

Lead nurturing emails can be targeted at new clients and existing clients. If a new client signs up, they will receive information about the specific product or service they sign up for. You also have the option to enter them in a campaign after speaking with them. Existing clients can be placed in campaigns that can upsell them on related products or services.

Features Included in Lead & Contact Management

DYL improves on communication by combining essential sales tools and features. Communication with your leads will keep your products and services on their mind. Our phone systems allow you to call, text, and email your clients. We also include lead management tools that will give your team better leads and automate management.

The Lead & Contact Management service can handle lead scoring, lead nurturing, and even automate follow-up calls. Your sales team can take advantage of the automation tools so they can save time on management and focus on sales. You can also keep track of your progress with the built in reports and analytics.

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