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How Pipeline Reports Work

Any marketer will tell you it’s tough capturing a consumers’ attention.

And for sales teams, convincing people to buy isn’t any easier.

The fact is, there’s so much noise out there, the only way to cut through is by tailoring your message specifically to your market’s needs.

But how do you do that if you don’t know what they’re looking for or if they even intend to buy?

The answer is data.
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And for people in sales, that comes in the form of Sales Pipeline reports. These reports provide an accurate overview of how many leads have been reached and what their intention is at any given moment.

From qualification to closing, it’s vital to address every stage of the buying journey in order to convert customers. Which is why high-performing sales teams are switching to platforms with sales pipeline reports.

DYL’s Pipeline Reports track leads and customers through the entire sales process.

So if you want to join the 1% of businesses who drive higher sales and productivity, it’s time to explore DYL’s Pipeline Reports.
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Scale Teams with The Right Tool

Over 82% of businesses cite cash flow problems as a primary factor for their failure.

Dig a little further, and you’ll see that in many cases little was invested in sales data.

Without sales data, you can’t track conversion rates or predict future results with any degree of accuracy. To make matters worse, designing an effective sales strategy is nearly impossible.

With DYL’s Pipeline Reports, you can prioritize your outreach, tailor your messaging and distribute prospects to different sales reps based on their strengths.

The result is more sales targets et and the opportunity to hire more sales staff.

Want an overall view of how your team is performing? See recent communication, number of follow-ups, closing rates and the number of leads at every stage.

Who needs DYL’s Pipeline Reports? Business owners who want to improve sales numbers and plan accordingly for the future.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Boost Total Opportunities with Stronger Qualification

Aside from helping sales leaders predict future success, pipeline reports offer another valuable piece of information.


Insight into a customer’s intent, reason for buying, length of time it takes to move them along the process.

This data is vital for early qualification, setting up a meeting, preparing a proposal, and designing a strategy for closing.

You can also estimate future revenue by looking at the number of leads at each stage of your pipeline and correlating it with the average time it takes to move them from one stage to the next.

You can set future sales goals based on previous success and gain insight into the productivity of your sales team.

Everyone goes through a set of stages before buying anything. And the more complex your product or service, the more stages they go through before handing you their credit card.

When a lead is in the early qualification stage, sales reps ask specific questions to determine their needs, budget, and authority to buy your product.

If the person is close to making the decision, a rep typically offers additional information to nudge them over the hump.

To accomplish these things with any level of effectiveness, your sales teams need Sales Pipeline Reports.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

Skyrocket Conversions with Reliable Tech

As Sales Director of Ardie’s Automobiles, Sam Penny needed to improve the lot’s overall sales performance.

The problem wasn’t getting people into the dealership. They just couldn’t get them to sign on the dotted line.

The reason?

Car prices were up due to a parts supply shortage and lowering prices wasn’t an option.

So Sam searched for a solution. He determined that what he needed was a platform that showed his incoming leads and as well as each step along the sales process.

The answer? DYL’s Pipeline Reports.

Using DYL’s platform, he could see all the leads as they moved from qualification to close. More importantly for Sam, he could see where they stopped and why. In his case, it was the deal being given at closing.

So to sweeten the pot, Sam threw in a free oil change after 5,000 miles and 10,000 miles. And to top it off, they would paint protect every car, completely free.

With their new proposal ready, Ardie’s Automobiles nearly doubled its conversion rates, leading to more business. And the future looked bright, knowing that from now on he could accurately forecast sales no matter what.

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