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How Email Marketing Templates Works

Typically, it takes hours to craft a strong email marketing campaign.

If it takes half a day to create a campaign for 500 people, how many of those people are likely to convert to a lead? For most industries, conversion rates are 1% for email. Meaning, you’ll get about 5 leads from that campaign.

In hindsight, 5 leads sounds wonderful. But for most businesses, close rates are about 15%. Meaning, all those hours you spent creating the campaign wouldn’t amount to one customer. That’s a problem.
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  • 1. Personalization is Key To Conversions

  • 2. Upsells and Client Acquisitions Are Faster Than Ever

  • 3. How The Proven and Profitable Method Never Stops

  • 4. Additional Features
To ensure this doesn’t happen, marketing teams are using email templates to save time.

DYL’s Email Marketing Templates lets you select a certain format and design ahead of time. Once you’ve created a template, you can re-use it in the future by changing the images and a bit of the copy. You can either share it with other staff members or keep it for yourself.

If you’re looking to improving your marketing strategy, Email Marketing Templates maintain the same messaging.

Perfect for consistent branding.
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Personalization is Key To Conversions

Why are email marketing templates important?

  • Over 68% of businesses say that marketing templates improve message targeting.
  • In over 1000 businesses surveyed, 43% of marketers believe marketing templates optimize productivity and increase ROI.

It’s no wonder why so many teams are switching over. If you don’t use email marketing templates, you’re missing out on better productivity, higher return on investment, and better messaging.

So why not make the change today?

DYL’s Email Marketing Templates automatically populates important contact information so you can personalize messaging.

If you craft a high-converting email, it takes one click to save as a template. You don’t have to retype anything and you don’t need to copy and paste.

When you want to send another campaign with the same email, you select the template and it’s ready to go.

Who needs DYL’s Email Marketing Templates? Business owners with sales and marketing departments who want to improve their return on investment and create personal emails without extra effort.
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Upsells and Client Acquisitions Are Faster Than Ever

Email Marketing Templates improves productivity.


When you create and save a template, it takes seconds to re-use. Instead of taking 30 minutes to craft an email from scratch, it takes less than a second to select a previously used template.

Increase opportunities to up-sell current customers. Choose from a variety of pre-created templates from sales managers that you’ve tried and tested.

If you want increased client acquisitions, use email templates to reach more leads in less time.

In short, Email Marketing Templates save time and improve brand messaging.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

How The Proven and Profitable Method Never Stops

The Full-In Network is a company based in Chicago which connects professionals to meet other business people.

As Marketing Director, Andrew Loggin wanted to improve marketing campaign conversions.

With a big selling season in Summer, he knew they could bring more people to their networking group if they bought C-level executive lists.

After heavy research on the executive, they tried to make every email custom to the person they were talking to. But the problem was, it would take many hours to craft the emails and much of the emails were incorrect.

So they needed to reach their prospects personally, while saving time.

After thinking about it, Andrew realized he needed to use an email platform. He did some research online and he found DYL’s all-in-one platform.

Along with our business phones, DYL had Email Marketing Templates, letting them craft extremely personal emails with information included in their database.

In combination with DYL’s Marketing Automation, they could send hundreds of emails in seconds.

Because they wanted to reach their prospects personally, DYL would automatically fill in the contact’s information on each email.

DYL’s All-in-One Platform includes over 80 Customizable Features

See if DYL is for you.