Bulk Text Messaging

Keeping constant communication with your customers is essential for nearly every business. This can show your customers that you really care for and appreciate their business. Of course, there are countless avenues to reach out to customers about potential deals or offers, and bulk text messaging is just one.

At DYL, we are dedicated to helping businesses streamline their processes and improving customer communication. This is where bulk text messaging comes in as this is a sound way to reach out to customers about special deals or offers. As part of our Lead & Contact Management Software, you are able to utilize bulk text messaging alongside many of our other tools.

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Bulk Text Messaging Explained

In short, bulk text messaging allows you to reach out to multiple customers at once through a customized text message. This is often a text offering a special deal or sale. This will inform frequent customers of your businesses special offers so they can take advantage of them before it over.

Of course, you can also send alerts or reminders to your customers through bulk text messaging as well. You can even send personalized messages to them letting them know how much you appreciate their business!

DYL's Lead & Contact Management Software

With DYL's Lead & Contact Management software, you are able to take advantage of a number of our high-quality tools, including bulk text messaging. Some of the other tools you get with this software are:

For example, auto remarketing can help improve your brand's recognition and exposure. Some customers are less likely to order from a company they are unfamiliar with. Remarketing helps to show authority and trustworthiness to potential customers like this.

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