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When running a call center, you need to be able to improve how it works. Whether it is cutting down on hold times or improving agent performance, you need the ability to supervise and monitor. With the right phone system, you get the best tools to track agent performance and train them to improve their calls.

DYL provides phone systems that are closely integrated with sales automation tools. Our phones are designed to give sales teams better control over the communication process. Salespeople can spend more time speaking with leads and less time managing them. With that said, you can also use the tools to provide better training. See how DYL allows you to improve agent performance.

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Supervision and Control

With DYL, your phone system comes packed with many tools that give you better insight on agent calls. You can see call durations, listen in on calls, and even barge in if needed. The calls can also be recorded so you can go over them and give individual play-by-plays. Going over recorded calls will allow you to see which portions of the calls worked well and find areas where they could improve.

When you listen in on calls, you can use the whisper tool to give your agent some extra coaching as they speak with a customer. The customer won't be able to hear you, but your agent will be able to hear your advice. If needed, you can barge into their call and join the conversation.

Purchase Phones From DYL

If you need better tools to train your agents on calls, DYL's phones have the best features to do so. You can improve your agents' calls and increase their ability to convert leads. If you'd like to request a demo, you can contact us here or give us a call at 855-357-9249!