Automatic Call Routing

Many businesses run into problems with routing their calls to the right department. As businesses expand, often times call routing is overlooked, but this is actually an essential part of every business that can help streamline processes and keep customers happy. If you have to forward calls through various departments, the customer on the line is more likely to hang up, costing you a potential sale.

At DYL, we offer an automatic call routing tool to help streamline your business and help to bring in more customers. Better yet, you are able to utilize our automatic call routing tool alongside other tools included in our Lead & Contact Management Software to improve your sales and business processes. Before you contact us about our software, let us fill you in on automatic call routing and the benefits it can present.

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Automatic Call Routing Explained

As a business grows and new departments are added, it can be difficult to distribute calls to the correct person. With automatic call routing, however, leads are automatically moved through departments as needed.

For example, when a lead comes in, it can be sent to the sales staff to close. Once that lead has converted to a paying customer, the lead can then be transferred to support, should they have any questions.

Additionally, incoming calls can be routed to the correct department by the caller. If the caller is in need of support, and not sales, they can easily be directed to the correct department for questions or comments.

Benefits of Call Routing

With call routing comes a myriad of benefits that can help improve your business processes. For example, call routing can obviously streamline your inbound call process by enabling you to route calls to the correct department with ease.

Of course, by streamlining your business processes, you are able to show your customers that they matter the most to you. Sending customers through various departments shows a disorganized office. But by offering the ability to get to the department needed, you can demonstrate a dedication to consumer satisfaction.

DYL's Automatic Call Routing Service

If your business is growing and is need of an automatic call routing system, DYL is here to help. You can signup by calling 855.357.9249 or email sales@dyl.com. If you have any questions or comments about our services and software, please give us a call at 888.310.4474 to get in touch with our support staff.