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DYL’s Conference Bridge is an affordable way to meet with team members, collaborate with different departments, or to talk with customers.
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How Conference Bridge Works

Working remotely is growing in popularity and the cost of business travel is rising.

As a result, companies are struggling with ways to keep staff and customers connected.

Though some have turned to video conferencing, the need to juggle multiple platforms is frustrating and costly.
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  • 1. A Conference Bridge Makes Collaboration Easy

  • 2. Use Conference Bridge to Connect Remote Teams with the Office

  • 3. How Healthy Communication Leads to a Thriving Practice

  • 4. Additional Features
If only there was a simple and affordable way for team members to collaborate in groups and meet with prospects or clientsat a moment’s notice.

There is.

It's DYL’s Conference Bridge. As one of DYL’s 80 features, Conference Bridge enables up to 30 people to meet simultaneously without having to jump onto another platform.

Through DYL’s drag-and-drop, anyone can quickly join a call to review business plans, discuss strategies, deliver performance reviews, presentations, etc., regardless of where they are in the USA.
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Click to Call Makes It Easier for Customers to Connect

Studies show that when employees are involved in business decisions, they are more productive and invested in their jobs. Alternatively, companies that don’t value employee input tend to have higher turnover rates.

Coincidentally, clients prefer to do business with companies who show their appreciation as well. Oftentimes, this means asking for their feedback.

With DYL’s Conference Bridge, you can hold conference calls with multiple people, whether inside your office or out.

In fact, “standup” meetings are a great way to open lines of communication, brainstorm ideas, and share concerns before they turn into something bigger.

The result is improved business operations and higher customer satisfaction.

Who Needs DYL’s Conference Bridge? Businesses who want to improve internal communications and increase customer confidence.
DYL Advanced Workflows

Use Conference Bridge to Connect Remote Teams with the Office

DYL’s Conference Bridge improves office communication. Even when working remotely.

Need to call a quick internal meeting when people are out of the office?

No problem. You can message everyone through DYL’s internal chat system to join the conference bridge.

Need a manager to assist a customer on a multi-person call?

Easy. Reps can drag-and-drop staff onto a conference bridge for immediate access.

DYL’s Conference Bridge is perfect for sales teams, customer support teams, and marketing teams. Any time there’s a need for several people to meet at once, Conference Bridge brings them together.
DYL Advanced Workflows
DYL Advanced Workflows

How Healthy Communication Leads to a Thriving Practice

As a thriving Medical Center, West Rochester occasionally experienced growing pains. Particularly when it came to staff communication.

They tried sending company-wide emails and holding managerial meetings, but in a bustling clinic, correspondence can go unread and messaging can be misunderstood.

As a result, protocols were not always followed and processes would crumble.

For President Kelly Richard, anything to do with patients and procedures was of utmost importance, so improving the Center’s communication was her number one priority.

Enter DYL’s Conference Bridge to the rescue.

With DYL’s Conference Bridge, the entire staff across several departments could meet and discuss procedures and office policies anytime, by simply dragging and dropping attendees onto the meeting through DYL’s Virtual Office.

Combined with DYL’s Internal Chat, business text messaging, eFax and more, employees could communicate with patients and even other clinics several ways, ensuring everyone was on the same page.

And with the ability to easily scale in the future, Kelly’s team was set with all they needed to meet the needs of future patients.

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