Insurance Agency Mergers and Acquisitions

With Michael Glick, Multi-award Winning Nationwide Agent
(Champion Award, Presidents Conference, Nationwide Auto Council, Nationwide Life Council)

Michael Glick
Michael Glick
Agency Owner

Starting out in the insurance business in 1989 meant that Michael has had to keep up to date with technological advances that could build his business. As DYL’s first Nationwide Insurance client in 2001, Michael has built his business around the innovative technology of our business phone platform. With 17 acquisitions and 10 mergers under his belt, Michael is definitely doing something right. Michael believes that persistence and planning pay off, and he teaches us how he has become so successful.

In this exclusive webcast with DYL, you'll learn his methods for:

• Writing more policies with minimal effort

• Building a transparent and accountable team

• Creating new business through lead generation & referrals

• Profitable acquisitions and mergers

• Best financing options

• Revenue "sweet spot"

• Transitioning clients

• Strategies for optimum growth

Features - eAgent and Easy Form Integration Features:

• Easily integrate your lead capture forms like eAgent into DYL’s call management system

• Contact your leads as soon as they enter the DYL system

• Use DYL’s one-click sales workflow to start reaching your customers with targeted marketing campaigns

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Michael is a firm believer in having every deal, whether acquisition or merger, paid for in full within two years. Learn Michael’s favorite DYL features and how he used them to benefit and grow his business into one of the leading Nationwide agencies. DYL seamlessly integrates with your existing software to make populating complicated forms simple and straightforward. Optimize your phone system for the ultimate business platform. Learn how Michael utilizes other features to run his agency such as; linking multiple offices together, call recording and our exclusive lead management suite. Streamline and simplify while simultaneously increasing your revenue and public image with DYL Business Phone Service. Call DYL today at 855-357-9249 for your 1 on 1 demo!