How much of your day is spent toggling between different systems for managing leads – including dialing, texting, emailing to follow up, managing inbound calls and responses, and managing incoming and outgoing faxes to ultimately close the loop and complete a sale? Conservatively speaking, if each of your agents is spending just one hour per work day juggling multiple systems for lead follow up and management, that pans out to 33 eight-hour days per year wasted on inefficiency. This is a waste of time and, more importantly, your money! Sales professionals move at a fast pace and any barriers to sales conversion may inhibit growth.

What if you could merge your entire phone and CRM features into one simplified platform that allows you to manage all of your tasks, save money, be more efficient and create stronger sales automation? You’d save at least 33 days out of your entire business year by streamlining your system for more productivity and stronger sales results, meaning increased margins, increased revenue and decreased wasted time.

DYL offers an advanced cloud-based phone system designed specifically to enable your agents’ productivity by combining your phone system and CRM and can be easily integrated into your infrastructure instantly. We’ve integrated four main services – lead management, dialing, texting and the phone system – to create one simplified platform that automates your entire sales process.

  • Call Tracking: Keep track of every call to and from your business.
  • Campaign Dialer: Enable your team to achieve its fullest sales potential by generating over 100 calls per hour, per sales agent.
  • Virtual Receptionist: Flexible voice prompts to direct calls to the right place.
  • Professional Phones: Receive a free phone with every DYL seat purchased.
  • Voice Mail: Receive your voice mail messages directly into your email inbox and support an unlimited amount of company-wide voice mail boxes.
  • Phone Numbers: Port your existing phone numbers or receive new numbers.
  • Faxing: Integrate your inbound and outbound faxing so that every fax is logged properly and sent as a PDF to your email address.

With DYL’s complete bundle, you and your team of agents can look forward to the fastest, easiest, most-profitable solution to sales automation.


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