Any expert in behavioral change will tell you that willpower is a limited resource.

Are you relying on your salespeople to be fired up, just to do the most basic parts of their job? Do they run out of steam later in the day? If so, then you’re suffering what DYL calls Motivation Stagnation. You haven’t set up systems to automate your activity and take your business to the next level.

Motivation System: Your staff eagerly checks email every minute for new leads. They never get any work done, because they waste hours on repetitive, pointless tasks.

Automation System: DYL automatically turns your emailed leads into phone calls and text messages, so that your staff responds instantly without having to expend extra effort.

Motivation System: A telemarketer diligently dials 100 leads per day by hand, often making misdials and forgetting where she left off. Call reluctance sets in after a few bad calls, ruining the day’s activity.

Automation System: DYL’s power dialer makes 300 calls in the same amount of time, without the user ever having to dial a number. Call reluctance is never a factor, since the system connects the next call automatically.

Motivation System: A sales rep keeps a hand-written list of his top prospects. He tries to call repeatedly, but never seems to find time. Plus, he loses his notes on the prospect, so every call feels like it’s starting from scratch.

Automation System: DYL’s Hotlist feature lets users track their red-hot prospects. With a combination of power dialing and text messaging, the contact rate goes through the roof. Every note, call recording, and email gets stored on the lead’s page, making it easy to pick up from the last call.

The solution is simple. If you want to have top-notch employees, you need to automate, not motivate.

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