Depending on your industry, it can take up to 7 follow up calls to close a deal with a potential lead. How is your business nurturing that lead along the sales process? With lead nurturing software, your business has the opportunity to effectively track leads and grow conversion rates. DYL provides businesses lead nurturing software that equips your business with tools to boost sales.

DYL makes it easy to keep track of your leads and keep the conversation going with potential customers. DYL’s Lead Nurturing Software provides a number of tools that can automate your nurturing process and allow you to focus your energy into the proper lead. Experience ease in tracking leads and automate touch points to keep your business top of mind with leads.

Tracking Leads

Our software makes it easy to track your leads with a few clicks. You can track nearly an unlimited number of details on each of your contacts. You have the ability to see where leads originated and whether they have been contacted before. On top of that, you get a deep view of their demographics and determine their age, gender, and income level.

With this software, you get to see a complete picture of all your leads. Your team also has access to all this information and see every interaction that the business has had with that lead. Your team gets a clear picture of the sales process with each lead and will provide them with the information to convert.

Automated Follow Up Calls

It is important to keep the conversation going with your leads because so many sales don’t end with a single call. Often times, a lead is lost simply because a business wasn’t able to maintain the relationship with the customer. DYL makes it easy to connect with leads and make sure you are present every step of the process.

This software automatically schedules calls to ensure you never miss an appointment. This allows you to keep checking back with your lead and build a relationship and inspire them to convert. You will even get appointment reminders to keep up to date with upcoming calls. Your time is spent preparing for a sale rather than scheduling future calls.

Lead Nurturing Through Email Drips

Email is a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to both existing customers and potential leads. Email drip campaigns are automated emails that can market any message to groups or individuals. With email drips you can easily keep customers informed about new services or changes to services. You can also nurture leads and stay connected effortlessly.

Email drip is an effective tool in lead nurturing software because businesses can add leads to a campaign and keep marketing to them and stay relevant to the lead. If your business offers several different services, you can curate messages for each service. Once you add a contact to an email drip specified to their interest, they will receive relevant information about your service.

Email drip plays an important role in the nurturing process for a variety of reasons. Often times, leads are not prepared to make the switch to another company. They can be tied up in contracts but researching alternatives to switch in the future. An email drip keeps your business relevant and reminds the lead that you are offering the solution they need.

Future SMS Text Messages

This feature allows you to schedule text messages and keep you connected to your leads when it matters. The customer’s impression of your business can be affected if you fail to contact them when promised especially when it’s in the form of a simple text message. With this streamlined software, you can stay on track with your client and plan communication in advance.

Missing a scheduled point of contact has a negative impact on the relationship with a client. Scheduled text messages play an important role for business because it removes the risk for error. This tool also has a range of features that work alongside scheduling messages. Your business can receive text notifications to automatically remind you to schedule messages. You can even use the bulk text messaging to message multiple clients at once.

Automate With DYL Lead Nurturing Software

The ContactConnect service from DYL provides all the tools you need to capture leads. Lead nurturing software is a powerful feature at your disposal with the service. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our free, no obligations demo of the service!


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